Anna Ruth Templer Hollingsworth
Birthplace: Duke, Oklahoma
May 31, 1922 - January 15, 2008

Resided In: Woodinville, Washington USA

Anna Ruth Templer Hollingsworth of Altus, Oklahoma and most recently of Woodinville, WA. Ann passed away on January 15, 2008 in Woodinville, WA. She was born and raised in Duke, OK on May 31, 1923 to Edward and Mollie Templer. She attended school in the Duke Public School system and Altus Community College.

Ann came from a large family (11 brothers and sisters), raised on a farm in Southwest Oklahoma. She said they never really suffered from the Great Depression because they were already so poor and they grew all their own food and made all their clothing. She was a wonderful seamstress and quilter and told about her start at the needle arts: It seemed that an older brother (she was second youngest, so there were many older brothers) needed some clothing mended. Since she was a girl, she should be able to do it. It didn't matter that she was only 5 years old and her feet couldn't reach the sewing machine pedals. Her brother sat her on his lap and worked the pedals himself while she guided the fabric under the needle.

She married Bill Hollingsworth in 1942, just before he was shipped off to the South Pacific during WWII. Ann deeply loved Bill and thought he was the most handsome man alive and expressed this opinion to all. They met at a dance and while Bill was not as passionate at doing the Jitterbug as Ann, his tall, lanky frame and his broad grin hooked her. Throughout her life, Ann would break out into a little dance step as she puttered around the house and loved Big Band music.

Politics were a great interest of hers and was a devoted member of the Democratic Party. She prized the Christmas cards sent to her from the White House by Jimmy Carter.

There was no better pie maker for miles and each family member had their favorite which she was happy to make when the request was made. Along with being the bookkeeper for her husband's business, she kept a spotless house and lent a loving ear to anyone with problems. She was always by ill family member's bedsides and wouldn't leave until they were up and well. When one considers how many family members she had, this was no small feat.

Ann is survived by her son Tim Hollingsworth of Yukon, OK, her son James Hollingsworth of Mystic, Connecticut and her daughter Michelle Hollingsworth of Woodinville, WA. She is also survived by her brother Leo of Fort Worth , Texas, her sister Mozell of Vista, California, eight grandchildren and nine great grandchildren.