Esther Templer (1790 - 1856)

The seventh of these children is Esther Templer who was born 10 February 1790 in Loudoun County, VA. Through estate papers and cemetery records, and now confirmed by the Templer family Bible, we learn she died 24 July 1856 in Loudoun County, VA., and is buried in the Fairfax Friends Cemetery in Waterford, VA. Esther married Gerrard Trammell on 17 May 1808 in Loudoun County, Virginia. Gerrard was born 26 February 1780 in Virginia and died 5 April 1815 in Loudoun County, VA per the family Bible and a meager estate inventory located. We also note that Thomas Templer (Esther's brother) is shown as a guardian for one child at her marriage. They had at least five children.

  I- Thomas Trammell was born on 20 January 1809 in Virginia, probably in Loudoun County and died on 24 April 1854 in Virginia, probably Loudoun County. He married Mary Catharine Jenkins on 9 April 1839, in Loudoun County, VA. Mary Catharine was born 30 April 1813 in Maryland and died 18 March 1884 in Loudoun County, VA near Leesburg. She is shown as a beneficiary of Esther's will and is listed in such as her daughter-in-law. Thomas and Mary Catharine are buried in Fairfax Friends Cemetery in Loudoun County, VA. They had five children:

         A. William Templer Trammell was born 25 January 1840 and died 23 December 1840

         B. Daniel Gerrard Trammell was born and died 6 August 1841

         C. Ann Esther Trammell was born 22 September 1842 in Loudoun County, VA and died 8 April 1918 in Loudoun County, VA. She married William Eagle on 18
              March 1863. William was born 15 September 1831 in Virginia and died 26 August 1919 in Loudoun County, VA. They and several of their descendants
             are buried in Union Leesburg Cemetery in Loudoun County, VA. They had three children, only two yet known to us:
             1. Carrie L. Eagle (b. 14 December 1865, d. 8 September 1919)
             2. Morris Stockwell Eagle (b. 23 December 1869, d. 3 January 1934) was an Anglican Episcopal priest/minister and married Loula Jeanne Hall on 2
                 September 1903 in Norfolk, VA, and they had four children:
                 a. William Stuart Eagle (b. 24 May 1904, d. 19 June 1916)
                 b. Esther Ellis Eagle (b. 14 August 1906, d. 19 November 1994)
                 c. Martha Paxton Eagle (b. 9 August 1909, d. 29 November 1956)
                 d. Morris Stockwell Eagle, Jr. (b. 17 October 1917, d. 7 October 1961) who married Dorothy Minerva Cosby. They had one child:
                      i. Bruce Cosby Eagle married Melody Elaine Cooper. They had one child:
                         aa.Bruce Cosby Eagle, Jr.
                         2nd wife of Bruce's was Jo Ann Cochran. They had one child:
                         bb. Ashley Nicole Eagle
                         3rd wife of Bruce's was Anna Catherine Eley. They had one child:
                         cc.Jessi Coleman Eagle
                        4th wife of Bruce's was Sandra Morton.
        D. James Thomas Trammell was born 10 December 1845 in Virginia and died 6 May 1847

        E. Cecelia Virginia Trammell was born 5 January 1850 in Loudoun County, VA and died 19 December 1915 and is buried in Monocacy Cemetery in Beallsville,
               Maryland. She married Robert T. Hillard on 12 January 1875 in Loudoun County, VA. He was born 1832 in Maryland and died 1896 in
               Maryland. They had four children, only two yet known to us:
               1. Edmund C. Hillard (b. 1879, d. 1879)
               2. Cora May Hillard (b 16 April 1883, d. 18 May 1964) married David A. Magaha
                  2nd husband of Cora May's was John A. Hope

  II- Elizabeth Trammell was born 28 March 1810 in Virginia, probably Loudoun County, and died 11 August 1893 in Wyandot County, Ohio. She married Samuel Freet on 9
         August 1830 in Loudoun County, VA, and is listed in her mother's will as Elizabeth Fred (sic). The Freet surname is also shown as Freed. They moved to Wyandot
         County, Ohio in 1834 and had three children:
         A. Amanda C. Freet (b. 31 July 1831, d. 3 October 1885) married George Van Pool and they had no natural children but did rear a cousin.
         B. Mary E. Freet (b.11 October 1836, d. 26 June 1900) married Henry Myers, no known relation to John F. Myers. They had two children.
             1. Freet Frishburn Myers (b. 12 April 1863, d. 24 April 1912)
             2. Elizabeth E. Myers (b. 19 March 1865, d. 19 May 1943) married John C. Weaver. They had two children:
                  a. Mary M. Weaver (b. 28 September 1892, d. 26 May 1914) married Harvey Hostetter. They had no known children.
                     2nd husband of Mary's was S. Leslie Drennan. They had no known children
                  b. Alice Elizabeth Weaver (b. 1 April 1909, d. 19 January 1996) married Curtis Chapman Straw. They had four known children:
                        i. Mary E. Straw (b. 10 April 1931, d. 19 July 1999) married _____ Coleman
                       ii. Jean Louise Straw (b. 15 June 1934, d. 21 May 1983) married _____ Sheperd
                      iii. Juanita Ruth Straw
                      iv.David Curtis Straw (b. 7 February 1945, d. 16 February 1956)
         C. Eliza C. Freet (b. 13 July 1844, d. 16 November 1888) married John F. Myers. They had ten children.
             1. Ervin R. Myers (b. 31 January 1865, d. 8 August 1944) married Harriet Jane Walton. Also shown as Irvin R. Myers. They had four children:
                  a. Alvin J. Myers (b. 2 October 1887, d. 2 September 1958) married Lessie Elvina Miller
                  b. Pearl Lenore Myers (b. 20 July 1889, d. 21 July 1960) married Martin Elliott Weaver. They had three children:
                        i. Lessie E. Weaver (b. 31 October 1914, d. 9 August 1983) married Ralph Robert Vesey. They had two children:
                          aa.Scott Thomas Vesey (b. 21 February 1953, d. 20 July 2012)
                          bb. Diana Sue Vesey ()b. 12 August 1955, d. 12 October 1968)
                       ii. Martha J. Weaver (b. 29 December 1918, d. 24 December 2000) married Andrew K. Althar.
                      iii. Russell R. Weaver (b. 31 May 1927, d. 2 July 2009) married Mary Lou Lecrone. They had three children:
                          aa. Barbara Jane Weaver
                          bb. Dennis Weaver
                          cc. David Weaver
                  c. Roy C. Myers (b. 4 February 1897, d. 2 October 1951)
                  d. Raymond C. Myers (b. 18 October 1901, d. 2 September 1962) married Adella M. Shedenhelm
             2. Zoa R. Myers (b. 12 July 1868, d. 27 November 1946) married Frank E. Harmon. They had three children:
                  a. Allen E. Harmon (b. 27 October 1885, d. 20 November 1947)
                  b. Henry W. Harmon (b. 16 November 1895, d. 24 August 1988) married Jeanette I. Hileman
                     2nd wife of Henry's was Grace V. Henderson
                  c. Franklin D. Harmon (b. 20 April 1903, d. April 1955) married Dorothy V. Minneker. They had one child:
                     i. Virginia L. Harmon married Roy Nicholas Beltnick, Jr. They had two children:
                       a. Mark Beltnick
                       b. Scott Beltnick
             3. Nora Amanda Myers (b. 21 February 1870, d. 1 August 1955) married Wesley Reynolds Richardson and they had one child:
                 a. Zola Marie Richardson (b. 18 May 1896, d. 8 October 1911)
             4. Freety S. Myers (b. 15 September 1871, d. 19 June 1879)
             5. Henry C. Myers (b. 21 January 1874, d. 23 July 1881)
             6. Abbey Fay Myers (b. 1876, d. 10 July 1957) married Elias Joseph Hottman
             7. May M. Myers (b. 13 May 1878, d. 20 August 1879)
             8. Infant (b. abt 1880, d. abt 1880)
             9. Ella F. Myers (b. 4 February 1883, d. 26 July 1966) married Bryon W. Greeno. They had two children:
                 a. Thelma M. Greeno (b. June 1899, d. 28 January 1964) married Ernest A. Crabbs
                 b. Freety H. Greeno (b. 17 February 1902, d. 31 January 1983)
           10. Othella C. Myers (b. December 1883, d. 23 April 1959) married William L. Enders. They had one child:
                 a. Harold Eugene Enders (b. 5 April 1910, d. 7 December 1990) married Esther M. Lonsway. They had two children:
                      i. Norma J. Enders married Norman Gilbert. They had four children:
                          aa. Kimberly Gilbert
                          bb. Randall Gilbert
                          cc. David Gilbert
                          dd. Sharon Gilbert
                     ii. William G. Enders married Carolyn Shannon. They had four children:
                          aa. Gregory Enders
                          bb. Jeff Enders
                          cc. Chad Enders
                          dd. Jacob Enders
                          2nd wife of Williams's was Marcy A. Press
III- William Trammell was born 10 September 1811 in Virginia and died 25 October 1811

  IV- Eleanor Trammell was born 2 October 1812 in Virginia and died 31 July 1842

    V- Ann Trammell was born 6 December 1814 in Virginia and died 4 August 1815

It should be noted that this line is the line down through which the Templer Family Bible of 1803 was passed and preserved for those of us today. Our thanks to cousin, Bruce Eagle for locating this very important artifact of family history.

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