Stacy Templer (1782 - 1864)

The fourth of these children is Stacy Templer who was born 8 July 1782 in Loudoun County, VA. and died 29 October 1864 in Greene County, OH near Xenia and is buried in the Maple Corner Cemetery. He married Rachel Pettit, the daughter of Andrew and Margaret Pettit, on 30 December 1806 in Loudoun County, VA. She was born about 1784 in Loudoun County, VA and died after 1860 in Greene County, OH in or near Xenia. They moved their family to the Xenia, Greene County, OH area prior to 1820 and lived out their lives there. They had six children whose names and spouses are as follows:

   I- George Washington Templer was born 6 March 1812 in Loudoun County, VA, and died on 2 June 1886 in Portland, Jay County, IN. He married Hannah Shepard Medsker, daughter of Abraham Medsker and Elizabeth Shepard, on 30 September 1834 in Xenia, Greene County, OH. Hannah was born 7 May 1816 in Highland County, OH and died 20 June 1899 in Portland, Jay County, IN. George was a farmer in the Jay County, IN, area from the time he acquired land in 1838 until he died. They are buried at Green Park Cemetery in Portland, IN. They had the following eight children:

        A. James Newton Templer was born 8 February 1836 in Greene County, OH and died 3 February 1909 in Muncie, Delaware County, IN. He married
            (1) Ann Adair, daughter of John Jones Adair and Mary Ann Kreps, on 4 October 1857. Ann was born 10 March 1838 in Ohio and died 15 March 1875 in Muncie,
            Delaware County, IN. They are buried at Beech Grove Cemetery in Muncie, IN. They had five children:
            1. Edward Rutledge Templer (b. 11 December 1858, d. 13 October 1932) married Addison St. Clair Givens on 6 January 1882. They had five children:
               a. James Newton Templer (b. 26 February 1883, d. 17 April 1967) married Sarah Loretta Martin. They had four children:
                     i. Marian Elizabeth Templer (b. 3 August 1918, d. 16 July 2011) married Roswell Louis Goodman. They had three children:
                       aa. David Louis Goodman
                       bb. Sandra Jane Goodman
                       cc. Louis James Goodman
                    ii. Jane Templer (b. 18 November 1920, d. May 1922)
                   iii. Edward Rutledge Templer (b. 7 September 1922, d. 12 September 1996) married Dolores D. Durand (b. 29 April 1929, d. 24 July 2014) . They had
                       nine children:
                       aa. Ronald Edward Templer
                       bb. Colleen Dolores Templer
                       cc. Richard Craig Templer
                       dd. Kevin Randall Templer
                       ee. Brian Christopher Templer
                       ff. Leon (Lee) James Templer
                       gg. Mary Jane Templer
                       hh. Cynthia Ann Templer
                       ii. Robert John Templer
                   iv. James Martin Templer (b. 18 April 1927, d. 19 June 2001) married Lucia Emma Helena Pfotenhauer. They had three children:
                       aa. James Martin Templer (b. 14 February 1958, d. 7 February 2009)
                       bb. Janice Templer
                       cc. Sara Ellen Templer
               b. Edna May Templer (b. 8 May 1888, d. 28 September 1888)
               c. Raymond Templer (b. 27 October 1896, d. 1 November 1896)
               d. Marian Louise Templer (b. 17 October 1897, d. 23 August 1986) married Orville A. Clingan. They had one child:
                     i. Ann Adair Clingan (b. 25 May 1926, d. 27 May 1926).
               e. Donald Joseph Templer (b. 10 June 1903, d. 29 December 1966) married Martha E. Meranda.
           2. Florence Templer (b. 1 December 1859, d. 15 January 1943) married Lorenzo Watson Thomas. They had three children:
               a. Emma Louise Thomas (b. 13 March 1882, d. 17 December 1973) married Harry R. Greyer. They had one child:
                     i. Mary Louise Greyer (b. 25 April 1908, d. 9 December 2000) married Edward John Schneider. They had two children:
                       aa. Dianne Schneider
                       bb. Edward Greyer Schneider
                       2nd husband of Mary Louise was Hubert L. Helms
               b. Milton Newton Thomas (b. 14 September 1884, d. February 1963 ) married to Genevieve Rose Thompson. They had one child:
                     i. Florence Jane Thomas (b. 26 March 1909, d. 28 May 2000) married Russell E. Bowermain. They had one child:
                       aa. Robert Bowerman
                       2nd husband of Florence Jane's was Joseph Milam. They had two children:
                       aa. Richard Milam
                       bb. Joseph Milam
               c. Mary Ann Thomas (b. 15 February 1890, d. 25 August 1969) married to Gordon Aiken Ribble. They had three children:
                    i. Susan Ribble (b. 13 June 1917, d. 23 August 1991) married Gale F. Edwards. They had two children:
                       aa. Jeffrey Allan Edwards
                       bb. Joseph Gordon Edwards
                   ii. Sara Ribble (b. 15 July 1921, d. 6 October 1990) married Ralph Rector.
                  iii. Thomas E. Ribble (b. 27 December 1927, d. 12 April 2012) married Opal Robling. They had three children:
                       aa. John Thomas Ribble
                       bb. Jayne Ellen Ribble
                       cc. James Lee Ribble
           3. Emma Templer (b. 4 February 1861, d. 16 August 1953) married Thomas J. Slinger on 25 January 1877. They had seven children:
               a. Alice A. Slinger (b. 19 May 1878, d. 1 September 1930) married to Van L. Ogle. They had:
                    i. Stillborn child (b. & d. 24 September 1906).
                   ii. Eva Lorene Ogle (b. 27 January 1921, d. 21 February 1998) married Ralph D. Griffith. They had one child:
                      aa. Elaine Anne Griffith
               b. Edward M. Slinger (b. 23 May 1881, d. 19 October 1969) married Fleta Bell Morton
               c. Mabel L. Slinger (b. 5 August 1883, d. 22 February 1972) married Jason Edgar Craumer
                   2nd husband of Mabel's was Harry Fears
               d. Florence Slinger (b. 13 August 1893, d. 2 October 1893)
               e. Infant Slinger (b. 14 July 1894, d. 16 July 1894)
               f. Mary Lorene Slinger (b. 18 December 1895, d. 12 September 1967) married Emory Stillwagon
                  2nd husband of Mary Lorene's was ___ Booth.
               g. Harry Andrew Slinger (b. 24 February 1899, d. 29 January 1944) married Lillian Belle Holly. They had one child:
                     i. Mary Ann Slinger (b. 28 January 1927, d. 27 January 1998)
           4. Minnie Templer (b. 24 December 1864, d. 17 February 1865)
           5. William Archie Templer (b. 6 May 1866, d. 17 August 1866)
          (2) James Newton married Susanna Shoemaker Kilgore on 9 July 1876. Susanna was born in 1837 and died 5 November 1917 in Muncie, Delaware County, IN.
          They had no children.

        B. David Templer was born 28 July 1837 in Xenia, Greene County, Ohio and died 3June 1879. He married Elizabeth A. McGriff who was born about 1841 in Ohio
            and died about 1862 in Jay County, IN. They had two known children:
            1. Arthur O. Templer (b. abt 1860, d. 3 March 1862)
            2. Cora Blanche Templer (b. 21 April 1862, d.6 May 1929) married Maurice P. Wood. They had three children.
                a. Stella Ethel Wood (b. 1885, d. 6 May 1957) married Martin Schott . No known children of this union.
                    2nd husband of Stella's was Emery Quentin Kann. They had one child:
                       i. Robert M. Kann married Blanche _____
                b. Cora Blanche Wood (b. 10 March 1888, d. 5 December 1964) married Robert E. Wilson
                c. Guy M. Wood (b 20 February 1892, d. 14 April 1967) married Nellie K. Thomas

        C. Abraham Medsker Templer was born 4 November 1839 in Jay County, IN nearPortland and died 28 January 1928 in Adrian, Bates County, MO. He married
            Eliza Ann Stanton on 27 January 1866. Eliza was born 24 April 1841 in Wainsbell, OH and died 1 December 1911 in Adrian, Bates County, MO. Abraham was a Civil
            War veteran in the 34th Indiana Infantry serving as Captain at his release. They are buried at Crescent Hill Cemetery in Bates Co., MO. They had four children:
             1. Ida May Templer (b. 1 April 1867, d 10 August 1950) married Joseph Edward Blow. They had one child:
                 a. Glenn Clarence Blow (b. 15 September 1894, d. 23 January 1973) married Lovey Dell Allison. No children of this union.
             2. Clara Dell Templer (b. 29 November 1868, d. bef 1870)
             3. Laura Lillie Templer (b. 10 October 1871, d. 30 March 1946)
             4. Harry James Templer (b. 20 October 1873, d. 21 June 1903)

        D. Ann Elizabeth Templer was born 15 August 1841 in Jay County, IN and died 27 January 1907 in Ottawa, Franklin County, KS. She married Hervey Walker
            Coulson on 11 October 1864 in Jay County, IN. He was born 27 January 1844 in Columbiana County, OH and died 12 June 1916 in Leavenworth, Leavenworth
            County, KS. Hervey served in the 141 st Regiment of the Indiana Infantry in the Civil War and is buried at Leavenworth National Cemetery. Ann is buried at
            Highland Cemetery in Franklin County, KS. They had two known children:
            1. Estella Belle Coulson(b. abt 1869, d. bef 1900) married Henry Russell Smith on 12 September 1886 in Williamsburg, KS., and later moved to Texas. They
                had one known child:
                a. Carl Coulson Smith (b. 23 March 1889, d. ?) married Ellen _____. May have married several times.
            2. Norman Elder Coulson (b. 21 March 1873, d. 29 November 1914) married Nellie Mae Aldrich on 15 December 1901 in Ottawa, KS. They had three
                a. Ruth Agnes Coulson (b. 17 July 1902, d. 13 August 1988)
                b. Lois Lucille Coulson (b. 26 March 1905, d. 4 January 1988) married John Harry Hoskinson. They had one child:
                       i. Margie Ann Hoskinson (b. 16 October 1927, d. 3 August 2015) married William D. Baldwin. They had three children:
                       aa. David M. Baldwin
                       bb. Richard H. Baldwin
                       cc. Jane Baldwin
                      2nd husband of Lois Lucille was Harry Miller Walker
                c. Dorothy Ann Coulson (b. 9 July 1909, d. 14 July 1973) married Robert Likai. They had one child:
                     i. Thomas D. Likai married Laurie Jean Hill. They had one child:
                        aa. Kelly Rae Likai

        E. Robert Templer was born 14 August 1843 in Jay, Jay County, IN and died 29 March 1896 in Clinton County, OH. He married Serena Powell Elliott West,
            daughter of William Elliott, Jr. and Rachel A. Beam, on 2 May 1877. Serena was born 22 April 1848 in Painters Crossing, Highland County, OH and died 19
            February 1924 in Sabina, Clinton County, OH. Robert served in the Civil War in Company B, 34th Indiana Infantry, the same unit where his brother, Abraham,
            served. They are buried at Centerville Cemetery in Lee's Creek, Clinton County, OH. They had five children:
            1. George William Templer (b. 11 June 1880, d. 18 March 1958) married Anna May Burkhead on 18 January 1911. They had one child:
               a. Robert Christopher Templer (b. 2 November 1911, d. 24 February 2005) married (1) to Margaret Campbell and (2) to Margaret Schultz.
            2. Bertha Templer (b. 16 September 1882, d. 18 September 1984) married Dr. _____ Cooper
                2nd husband of Bertha's was G. W. Weidner
            3. Clara Mirian Templer (b. 25 March 1887, d. 23 January 1978) married John Ellis Evans. They had five children:
                a. William Templer Evans (b. 27 December 1912, d. 28 January 1975) married Katheryne Rebecca Beatty. They had two children:
                       i. Martha Alice Evans married Richard Otto Kiefer. They had three children:
                         aa. Matthew Evans Kiefer
                         bb. John Evans Kiefer
                         cc. David Evans Kiefer
                      ii. William Beatty Evans
                b. John Templar Evans (b. 13 February 1915, d. 6 January 2015) married Mary Alma Sjobeck. They had two children:
                       i. Albert Ellis Evans married Nancy Bowman. They had three children:
                         aa. Brian Matthew Evans
                         bb. Kristine Marie Evans
                         cc. Jennifer Grace Evans
                         2nd wife of Albert's was Debra _____
                         3rd wife of Albert's was Linda _____
                     ii. Pamela A. Evans married Joseph Milewski
                        2nd husband of Pamela's was Roger Vaughan
                c. Rachel Evans (b. 2 November 1917, d. 12 March 1919)
                d. Robert Templer Evans (b. 2 November 1917, d. 12 March 1919)
                e. Jennie Serena Evans (b. 4 December 1922, d. 15 March 2014) married Edgar Updegraff. They had four children:
                       i. Katherine Jane Updegraff
                      ii. Christine Margaret Updegraff
                     iii. Emily Louise Updegraff married Douglas Smart. They had two children:
                        aa. Lukas James Smart
                        bb. Lindsay Evans Smart
                    iv. John Edgar Updegraff
            4. Haidee Templer (b. 27 January 1889, d. 13 November 1905)
            5. Hannah Templer (b. 4 August 1891, d. 15 December 1961) married Frank
                Ross Spurgeon in March 1916. They had two children:
                a. June Elizabeth Spurgeon (b. 05 January 1919 d. 25 March 2013) married Donald G. Gray. They had three children:
                       i. Janis Ann Gray
                      ii. Marilyn June Gray married Carl Gibbs. They had one child:
                         aa. Gena Janelle Gibbs
                     iii. Nancy Gray married Louis Poole. They had three children:
                         aa. Matthew Poole
                         bb. Kevin Poole
                         cc. Scott Louis Poole
                b. Janet Lee Spurgeon (b. 18 January 1922, d. 24 December 2013) married Henry Lewis Gire.
                    They had three children:
                       i. Linda Lee Gire (b. 1 August 1947, d. 11 October 2005) married Matthew Joseph Vavrus. They had one child:
                         aa. Jessica Susan Vavrus
                      ii. Frank Spurgeon Gire married Debbra Sims. They had three children:
                         aa. David Henry Gire
                         bb. Jeffrey Frank Gire
                         cc.Jonathan Spurgeon Gire
                     iii. David Edward Gire married Carolyn Joy Ashton. They had three children
                         aa. Julian Patrick Gire
                         bb. Jennifer Joy Gire
                         cc. Christopher David Gire

        F. Alice Templer was born 21 April 1846 in Portland, Jay County, IN and died 7 December 1923 in Wayne County, IN. She married James P. Reid.
           James was born 15 August 1845 in Indiana and died 18 February 1921 in Wayne County, IN. They had six known children:
            1. Nettie M. Reid (b. abt 1869, d. _____) married George F. Dunn. They had no known children.
            2. George Andrew Reid (b. 17 October 1871, d. 12 December 1937) married Rachel Minerva Graham. They had two children:
                a. Ruby M. Reid (b. 16 January 1891, d. 10 April 1970) married Walter Pennicke Snavely. They had two children:
                       i. Mary Louise Snavely (b. 29 May 1910, d. 17 May 1998) married Robert Emerson Wilson. They had three children:
                         aa. Carol Ann Wilson
                         bb. William Robert Wilson
                         cc. Robert Emerson Wilson
                         2nd husband of Mary Louise was William H. Hartman. They had one child:
                         aa. John Walter Hartman
                      ii. John Reid Snavely (b. 17 August 1915, d. 5 March 1998) married Elma Theodosia Burg. They had two children:
                         aa. David Snavely
                         bb. Marsha Snavely
                b. Carl Edgar Reid (b. 19 September 1893, d. 9 October 1958) married Mertis M. Stone. They had four children:
                       i. Pauline M. Reid (b. 24 December 1913, d. 15 March 2006) married Paul B. Darnell. They had one child:
                         aa. Robert Darnell
                         2nd husband of Pauline's was Howard James Snyder. They had two children:
                         aa. Darrell Snyder
                         bb. Patricia Snyder
                      ii. Mildred Lucille Reid (b. 19 September 1917, d. 21 December 1941) married William G. Wingate.
                     iii. George (Buddy) A. Reid (b. 23 February 1922, d. 6 October 1962) married Mavis ?. They had three children:
                         aa. Vickie Reid
                         bb. Stephen Reid
                         cc. Sandra Reid
                     iv. Eva Jean Reid (b. 29 June 1928, d. 5 May 2001) married Warren James Michaels. They had three children:
                         aa. Ronald C. Michaels
                         bb. Karen D. Michaels
                         cc. Mark A. Michaels
                         2nd husband of Eva Jean's was Robert Henderson
            3. Raleigh Newton Reid (b. 11 October 1875, d. 23 October 1965) married Bertha Johnson. They had one child:
                      a. Clifford Arthur Reid (b. 7 December 1907, d. 14 December 1940)
                      2nd wife of Raleigh's was Alice Martha Hoormaert. They had one child:
                      a. Ruth Ann Reid (b. abt 1924, d. ?) married _____ Lohmeyer
                         2nd husband of Ruth Ann's was Stanley Mathes.
            4. Erla Myrtle Reid (b. abt 1878, d. 13 February 1951) married Thomas Mason Byer
            5. Harry Templar Reid (b. 2 June 1886, d. 1 September 1960) married Edith E. Edmundson. They had one child:
                a. Norman T. Reid (b. 18 November 1916, d. 15 June 1968)
            6. James P. Reid (b. abt 1888, d. abt 1888)

        G. Clayton Benton Templer was born 10 June 1850 in Portland, Jay County, IN and died 8 June 1925 in Muncie, Delaware County, IN.
            He married Clara Ireland on 7 February 1878. Clara was born 7 February 1854 and died 1951 in Muncie. They had no known children.

        H. Mary Esther Templer was born 31 August 1855 in Portland, Jay County, IN and died 17 September 1943 in Portland, Jay County, IN. She married
            Adam Hamilton Finch. Adam was born 7 September 1838 in Wayne County, IN and died 23 May 1923 in Jay County, IN.
            2nd husband of Mary Esther's was ______Robbins

. II- James Templer was born on 22 July 1814 in Loudoun County, VA, and died on 5 September 1894 in Marion County, IN. He married: (1) Balsora Gregg, daughter of Thomas Gregg and Naomi Whitacre, on 3 April 1830 in Loudoun County, VA. Balsora was born 25 March 1813 in Loudoun County, VA and died 21 July 1836, probably in Loudoun County. She is buried in the Goose Greek Burying Ground in Lincoln, Loudoun Co. VA. In earlier years, James is shown as a millrite while in later years he is reported to be a carpenter. They had three children:

        A. Amanda Caroline Templer was born 15 January 1831 in Loudoun County, VA and died 12 November 1875 in Fairfax County, VA. She married Julius J. Peck on 1
            February 1853 in Loudoun Co., VA. Julius was born 28 May 1829 in Loudoun County, VA and died 15 June 1853 in Fairfax County, VA. They are buried in
            Flint Hill Cemetery in Fairfax Co., VA. They had four known children:
            1. Unnamed girl Peck (b. 1854, d. 7 February 1854)
            2. John Asa Peck (b. 3 December 1855, d. ?)
            3. James T. Peck (b. abt 1858, d. bef. 1870)
            4. Clement A. Peck (b. 8 February 1862, d. 13 March 1875)

        B. John Thomas Templer was born 13 October 1832 in Loudoun County, VA andmdied 24 September 1910 in Virginia, probably Loudoun County. He was seriously
            injured in the Battle of Ball's Bluff during the Civil War after being conscripted into the Confederate Army and, after recovering from those wounds, went west
            where he is found in the same area as James Templer, his father's first cousin and the son of John J. Templer, in Nevada County, CA., in the late 1800's. He is
            buried in Goose Creek Burying Ground in Loudoun Co., VA.

          C. Emily Catherine Templer was born 15 January 1835 in Loudoun County, VA and died 30 August 1907 in Lincoln, Loudoun County, VA. She married Francis Hague
            Janney on 18 June 1853. Francis was born 28 June 1831 in Alexandria, Fairfax County, VA and died 22 June 1883 in Loudoun County, VA. He is the son of
            Abijah Janney and Mary Mitchell. They are buried in Goose Creek Burying Ground in Lincoln, Loudoun Co., VA, as are many of their family members. They
            had ten children:
              1. Henry Thornton Janney (b. 2 September 1854, d. 10 January 1923) married Cosmelia Janney Hoge on 22 June 1887. They had one child:
                  a. Ella Hoge Janney (b. 26 November 1888, d. 19 July 1889)
              2. Millard Fillmore Janney (b. 14 March 1857, d. 20 March 1926) married Annie B. McGavock on 25 October 1887. They had two children:
                  a. Francis Lamar Janney (b. 15 July 1888, d. 20 April 1965) married Esther L. Brueninger. They had one child:
                        i. Lewis Lamar Janney (b. 11 June 1919, d. 30 December 2009) married Doris Hassell. They had four children:
                          aa. Lee Janney
                          bb. Robin Janney
                          cc. Carol Janney
                          dd. Kim Janney
                  b. Alice McGavock Janney (b. 7 June 1891, d. 1948)
              3. Mary Mitchell Janney (b. 24 March 1859, d. 5 August 1859)
              4. Cornelia Janney (b. 10 May 1860, d. 19 April 1934) married William Thornton Martin on 18 December 1883. They had three children:
                  a. Clara Wyndham Martin (b. 16 February 1885, d. 17 October 1974) married George Lawton Estes. They had one child:
                        i. George Lawton Estes, Jr. (b. 12 July 1916, d. 17 August 2005) married Mary Elizabeth Thompson. They had two children:
                          aa. Mary Wyndham Estes
                          bb. George Lawton Estes III
                  b. Laurence Janney Martin (b. 27 September 1888, d. 10 November 1956) married Josephine Emma Marshall. They had three children:
                        i. Marcella Martin (b. 22 May 1918, d. 29 January 2001) married Carl O. Lawton. They had one child:
                          aa. Laurence Michael Lawton
                       ii. Lillian Page Martin (b. 19 May 1920, d. 25 July 1991) married Gordon Dickinson Rust. They had five children:
                          aa. Gordon Dickinson Rust, Jr
                          bb. Jo Paige Rust
                          cc. Caroline R. Rust
                          dd. James S. Rust
                          ee. L. Martin Rust
                      iii. Jane Wyndham Martin (b. 28 July1923, d. 17 February 2015) married Jackman Pyre. They had four children:
                          aa. Margaret (Peggy) Pyre
                          bb. Janney Pyre
                          cc. Josephine Pyre
                          dd. Jane Jackman Pyre
                  c. William Thornton Martin (b. 3 April 1901, d. 12 October 1980) married Virginia Bird. They had two children:
                        i. Peter Bird Martin married Julia Lawnin Gordon. They had three children:
                          aa. Lawrence Martin
                          bb. William Thornton Martin
                          cc. Lucy Lawnin Martin
                          2nd wife of Peter Bird was Lucretia Sterling
                       ii. Margery Mitchell Martin married Norton Downes Fern, II. They had five children:
                          aa. Norton Downes Fern III
                          bb. Janney Martin Fern
                          cc. Virginia Lynore Fern
                          dd. Margery Mitchell Fern
                          ee. Carol Marie Fern
                          2nd husband of Margery Mitchell was Andrew Carney Turney
              5. Emily Catherine Janney (b. 20 August 1862, d. 11 June 1909)
              6. Jane Janney (b. 13 December 1864, d. 8 July 1865)
              7. Charles Chester Janney (b, 2 June 1866, d. 10 January 1920) married Lucy Ernestine Atwood.
              8. Asa Moore Janney (b. 1 September 1868, d. 25 March 1940) married Sarah P. Hughes and had one infant son.
                  2nd wife of Asa's was Blandina E. Lutz. They had two children:
                  a. Asa Moore Janney, Jr.(b. 19 April 1908, d. 11 June 2002) married Evelyn Arlene Grow. They had four children:
                        i. Asa Moore Janney, III
                       ii. Rachel Ellen Janney
                      iii. John Felix Janney
                      iv. Hannah Lucille Janney
                  b. Werner Lutz Janney (b. 19 October 1912, d. 19 December 2000) married Anne Meade Hubbard. They had two children:
                        i. Katharine Thamsin Janney married William Woodrow Roberts. They had one child:
                          aa. Sofia Rhiannon Janney Roberts
                          2nd husband of Katharine Thamsin's was Chandrasekar Raman
                       ii. Margaret Anne Janney married David Andrew Shepherd. They had one child:
.                          aa. Rachel Anne Shepherd
               9. Amanda Caroline Janney (b. 26 December 1871, d. 25 September 1899)
             10. Lucie Janney (b. 27 March 1874, d 26 October 1929) married William Frederick Peabody on 24 November 1908.

        James married (2) Emily Mandeville Wright on 15 February 1844 in Greene County, OH. Emily was born 20 December 1819 in Ohio and died 24 June 1888 in
        Marion County, IN. They had one child:
        A. George William Templer was born 25 November 1844 in Ohio and died 31 October 1866 probably in Marion County, IN.

III- Joseph Templer was born in 1817 in Ohio, thus somewhat dating the arrival of Stacy's family, and died on 19 August 1903 in Muncie, Delaware County, IN. He married: (1) Phoebe Ketterman on 16 November 1843 in Greene County, OH. She was born 20 May 1820 died on 20 March 1856 in Greene County, OH. Joseph was a farmer and also had land in Delaware County, IN, where he died. They had three children:
              A. Albert D. Templer(b. 27 May 1846; d.16 February 1850) in Greene County, OH
              B. Caroline Templer (b. abt 1848, d. ?)
              C. Martha Templer (b. abt 1852, d. ?)
          2nd wife of Joseph's was Elizabeth Babb. They married on 9 January 1859 in Green County, OH. Elizabeth was born 16 November 1817 in Clinton County, OH and died ?.
          They had one child:
              D. Mary A. Templer was born 9 March 1860 in Greene County, OH and died 12 August 1860 in Greene County, OH.

   IV- William Templer was born 1818 in Ohio and died in 1819.

     V- John Templer was born in 1820 in Greene County, OH and died in 1822 in Greene County.

   VI- Stacy Templer, Jr. was born in 1823 in Greene County, OH and died in 1824 in Greene County.

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