Thomas Templer (1787 - 1850)

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The sixth of these children is Thomas Templer who was born 8 July 1787 in Loudoun County, VA and died after 1850 in Illinois. He married Jane Lowe, daughter of Thomas Lowe and Nancy Butler, on 25 December 1809 in Loudoun County, VA. Jane was born 8 October 1784 in Virginia and died after 1850 in Illinois. They are known to have moved westward about 1834 and were in Ohio in 1835 and Illinois in 1840. From what we know, we believe that Thomas died in Illinois sometime after 1850, the last time he is found in census data in Knox County. Thomas was a farmer and was always in close proximity to his son, Stacy Elicot Templer. Thomas and Jane Templer had only one known child:

I- Stacy Elicot Templer was born on 11 February 1814 in Loudoun County VA and died on 19 June 1874, probably in the Lee County, IA, area. His middle name is an apparent reference to family friends in Virginia, the Ellicot family. Stacy married Mary Berry on 5 November 1835 in Knox County, Ohio. Mary (aka Polly) was born 2 June 1817 in Ohio and died 8 March 1861 in Missouri. The marriage apparently occurred as Thomas and Jane Templer and their son visited James Templer (Jr.) on their way through Ohio to Illinois where they are next found in the Coles County 1840 Census. Following the death of Mary (Berry) Templer, Stacy married Phebe Smith in 1864. Phebe was born about 1819 in Pennsylvania and died ?. All available records show Stacy as a farmer. Stacy E. and Mary (Berry) Templer had 11 children, only 5 of whom grew to adulthood and married. They are as follows:

A. Hannah Jane Templer was born 2 February 1838, in Ohio and died 13 July 1851 in Knox County, IL

B. Martha Ann Templer was born 24 February 1840 in Coles County, IL and died 17 September 1846 in Knox County, IL

C. Joseph Thomas Templer was born 14 February 1842 in Knox County, IL and died 18 March 1897 in Red Oak, Montgomery County, IA. where he is buried in Evergreen
    Cemetery. He married: (1) Anne Elizabeth Tillett, daughter of Henry Tillett and Mary Brewer, on 11 February 1864 in Cedar County, IA,and (2) Nancy Juline Gordon
    daughter of William Gordon, Jr. and Mary Jane Milligan, on 30 December 1869, in Roseville, Warren County, IL. Anne Tillett Templer remarried after the divorce and is
    buried in Dow Cemetery in Crawford County, IA. Nancy J. Gordon Templer followed with her children to Colorado where she died and is buried in Crown Hill Cemetery
    in the Denver, CO. area.

    Joseph's marriage to Anne Tillett resulted in one child:
    1. Palmyra Syrena Templer (b. 4 November 1864, d. 15 January 1924) married Stephen Franklin Wingrove, who died just over two years later. They had one child:
        a. Benjamin William Wingrove (b. 14 November 1884, d. 24 June 1951) married Ellen Mae Wilson. They had two children:
            i. Burdette Harold Wingrove (b. 28 August 1906, d. 16 July 1971) married Clare Evelyn Waldron. They had one child:
              aa. Dennis Burdette Wingrove.
           ii. Ruth M. Wingrove (b. 29 May 1911, d. 18 June 1999) married Russell V. Hultch.
              Ruth's 2nd husband was Everett Eugene Harper.
        2nd husband of Palmyra's was thomas Munsey, Jr. They had five children:
        b. Clarence Edward Munsey (b. 1888, d. 1 December 1894)
        c. Bertha Inez Munsey (b. 24 June 1892, d. 6 April 1928) married Percy Jay
            Brown. They had five children:
              i. Thomas Edward Brown (b. 13 March 1916, d. 13 March 1916)
             ii. Robert Dumond Brown (b. 5 January 1918, d. 15 April 1991) married Ruth E. Abbott. They had three children:
                aa. Janice Ann Brown
                bb. Sharon Kay Brown
                cc. Richard Douglas Brown
            iii. William Leroy Brown (b. 23 December 1920, d. 5 October 2004) married Molly Adams. They had one child:
                aa. Marilyn Lee Brown
            iv. Ralph Jay Brown aka Ralph Jay Larson (b. 6 September 1925, d. 22 October 1995) married Vernet Neddemeyer. They had two children:
                aa. Jeri Lynn Larson
                bb. Patti Jo Larson
             v. Ruth Josephine Brown aka Ruth Josephine Igou married Edgar H. Kuhlmann. They had two children:
                aa. Diane Ruth Kulhmann
                bb. Dennis Ralph Kuhlmann
        d. Florence Elizabeth Munsey (b. 30 November 1894, d. 16 August 1947) married
            Jay C. Baber. They had seven children:
              i. Jay Jack Baber (b. 9 June 1915, d. 2 July 1935)
             ii. June Florence Baber (b. 9 June 1915, d. 25 March 2006) married Edward J. Bohacek. They had two children:
                aa. Susan Kay Bohacek
                bb. Robert John Bohacek
            iii. Vernon Bernard Baber aka Bud (b. 17 May 1918, d. 3 August 1958) married Fanchon Alleen Long. They had three children:
                aa. Janette Ann Baber
                bb. Jay Bernard Baber
                cc. Jerrald Dow Baber
            iv. Robert Thomas Baber (b. 7 June 1920, d. 28 February 1992) married Mary Alice Noel. They had two children:
                aa. Robert Earl Baber
                bb. Dennis James Baber
             v. Avis Mae Baber (b. 17 September 1924, d. 23 September 2006) married Leonard A. Fouts. They had three children:
                aa. John Lee Fouts
                bb. Linda Fouts
                cc. Michael Lynn Fouts
            vi. Nellie Jean Baber (b. 26 December 1926, d. 28 October 1990) married Robert Nelson Brasel. They had seven children:
                aa. Terry Russell Brasel
                bb. Mark Robert Brasel
                cc. Daniel Richard Brasel
                dd. Mary Joan Brasel
                ee. Sheryl Jean Brasel
                ff. Connie Ann Brasel
                gg. Patricia Lois Brasel
           vii. Billie Duane Baber (b. 29 November 1932, d. 26 March 2008) married Patsy Riley. They had three children:
                aa. Douglas Lee Baber
                bb. Dirk J. Baber
                cc. Ann elizabeth Baber
        e. Eura Josephine Munsey (b. 29 October 1899, d. 11 May 1978) married Ralph Thomas Igou They raised Ruth Josephine Brown after the death of her parents.
        f. Clara Mae Munsey (b. 13 September 1906, d. 8 June 1983) married Charles Leslie Brasel. They had two children:
              i. Palmyra Lavinia Brasel (b. 10 July 1927, d. 2017) married Denzel Wayne Spencer They had one child:
                aa. Denzel Wayne Spencer, Jr.
             ii. Joanne Marie Brasel married John D. Fleck. They had three children:
                aa. John sSmuel Fleck
                bb. Joseph Charles Fleck
                cc. Jacob Matthew Fleck
      2nd wife of Joseph Thomas' was Nancy Juline Gordon. They had twelve children:
        1. Mary Roseanne Templer (b. 19 February 1871, d. 29 November 1951) married John Graham Martin. They had 6 known children.
           a. Walter Byron Martin (b. 28 September 1889, d. 21 January 1967) married Anna Friedman
           b. Robert Earl Martin (b. 9 March 1891, d. 18 January 1947) married Etta Christenson They had two children:
              i. Paul Robert Martin (b. 18 June 1921, d. 1 October 1962) married Margaret Romaine. They had one child:
                aa. Robert J. Martin
             ii. Neil Leslie Martin (b. 10 October 1924, d. 15 September 2002) married Alice Ruth Weber. They had five children:
                aa. Steven Neil Martin
                bb. Patricia Ann Martin
                cc. Nancy Jane Martin
                dd. Linda Sue Martin
                ee. Dona Rae Martin
                2nd wife of Robert Earl's was Beulah Alice Redman. They had three children:
            iii. Mary Ann Martin married Donald Joseph McCleary. They had three children:
                aa. Richard Allen McCleary
                bb. Donna Jo McCleary
                cc. Donald Joseph McCleary
            iv. Kenneth Earl Martin (b. 6 June 1936, d. 8 april 2009)
             v. Rosalie Martin married Floyd Murray. They had two children:
                aa. Brenda Murray
                bb. Sherry Murray
        c. Clifford Leroy Martin (b. 2 March 1893, d. 8 December 1971) married Sophia Collins Savage. They had eight children:
              i. Mildred B. Martin (b. 16 March 1915, d. 17 February 2001) married Lloyd Rader
             ii. Marion Eloise Martin (b. September 1916, d. January 1922)
            iii. Grace Ellen Martin (b. 26 September 1918, d. 19 December 2003) married Ralph Mayfield Codding. They had two children:
                aa. Phyllis Codding
                bb. Dorothy Codding
            iv. Gertrude Louise Martin (b. 26 February 1923, d. 24 January 2007) married Harry Ward Cronenberg. They had five children:
                aa. Loren W. Cronenberg
                bb. Harlow Cronenberg
                cc. Johnny Cronenberg
                dd. Russell Cronenberg
                ee. Barbara L. Cronenberg
             v. Gene Edwin Martin married Mabel Alice Walden. They had four children:
                aa. Charleen Ann Martin
                bb. Edwin Lloyd Martin
                cc. Jeffrey Allen Martin
                dd. Benjamin Adam Martin
            vi. Alston L. Martin (b. 30 April 1926, d. 30 November 2009)
           vii. Bernard Earl Martin (b. 9 June 1927, d. 4 June 1971)
          viii. Russell John Martin (b. November 1928, d. August 1929)
        d. Joseph Erskine Martin (b. 14 March 1896, d. 13 October 1920)
        e. Lesta Mae Martin (b. 22 February 1899, d. 5 March 1988) married Chester Brook Spilman. They had three children:
              i. Mary Lou Spilman aka Marilu (b. 15 July 1934, d. 19 May 2011) married Kenneth Robert Topper. They had three children:
                aa. Brenda susan Topper
                bb. Linda Diane Topper
                cc. David R. Topper
             ii. Iris Mae Spilman (b. 5 January 1936, d. 30 March 2009) married James Edward Knauer. They had four children:
                aa. Deborah Roseanne Knauer
                bb. Cynthia diane Knauer
                cc. Charles Irwin Knauer
                dd. Melissa Ann Knauer
            iii. David Eugene Spilman (b. 14 April 1939, d. 23 July 2000) married Deanna Florance Sager. They had two children:
                aa. Joseph Eugene Spilman
                bb. Rosemarie Dawn Spilman
                2nd wife of David Eugene's was Rosemarie ?. They had one child:
                aa. Ronald Spilman
                3rd wife of David Eugene's was ??? They had one child:
                aa. Donald Spilman
        f. James Edward Martin (b. 23 December 1921, d. 9 December 2000), adopted son, married Sophie Conti. They had two children:
              i. Sandra Martin married ? Normandin
             ii. Sherry Martin married Robert Rex Peterson, Jr. They had two children:
                aa. Robert Rex Petterson III
                bb. Kimberlee Michelle Peterson
    2. William Stacy Templer (b. 1 March 1873, d. 14 July 1955) married Mary Elizabeth "Mamie" Hann. They had 7 children:
        a. Muriel Templer (b. 6 March 1896, d. 23 April 1971) married Charles L.Wallace. They had four children:
              i. Louis Stacy Wallace (b. 24 December 1915, d. 2 March 1986) married Kathryn Louise Leonard. They had three children:
                aa. Charles Eason Wallace
                bb. Ruth Kathryn Wallace
                cc. Richard Louis Carl Wallace
                2nd wife of Louis Stacy's was Marian Trueblo Montgomery. They had two children:
                aa. Christian Devalance Wallace
                bb. Hilary Stacey Antonia Wallace
             ii. Cletus Delbert Wallace (b. 21 September 1916, d. 12 October 1987) married Idella Grace Andrews. They had two children:
                aa. Frederick Wallace
                bb. Ronald Eugene Wallace
            iii. Clinton Elbert Wallace (b. 21 Septembeer 1916, d. 1 August 1979) married Velma ?. They had two children:
                aa. Bonnie Wallace
                bb. Gary Wallace
            iv. Charles Henderson Wallace (b. 26 July 1920, d. 6 February 2012) married Betty Claire Behoteguy. They had two childlren:
                aa. Marilyn Wallace
                bb. Don Scott Wallace
        b. Infant (b. bef 1900, d. bef 1900)
        c. Alfred Lynwood Templer (b. 1 January 1899, d. 19 March 1949) married Hilda Marie Mires. They had one child:
              i. Billy Don Templer
        d. Gertrude Minnie Templer (b. 18 February 1901, d. 1 March 1987) married William Arthur Hoskins They had three children:
              i. Joseph (Sonny) Shelton Hoskins (b. 10 April 1925, d. 3 December 2009) married Donna Marie Means. They had two children:
                aa. Bon Shelton Hoskins
                bb. Sandra Marie Hoskins
                2nd wife of Joseph Shelton' was Myong ?.
             ii. Harold (Pete) Kenneth Hoskins (b. 18 August 1926, d. 5 June 2003) married Ruth Amelia Hansen. They had two children:
                aa. Kenneth Charles Hoskins (b. 1960, d. 2017)
                bb. Suzan Gail Hoskins
                2nd wife of Harold (Pete) Kenneth's was Phyllis Evonne ?.
            iii. Mary Virginia Hoskins married Vernon Dale Glenn. They had four children:
                aa. Katherine Diane Glenn
                bb. Karen Elaine Glenn
                cc. Sharon A. Glenn
                dd. Vernon P. Glenn
                2nd husband of Mary Virginia's was Robert DeCosta
        e. Raymond Paul Templer (b. 15 June 1903, d. 4 November 1960) married Evelyn J. Cooley. They had one child:
              i. Rozella (Rosie) Ann Templer married ? Roberts.
                2nd husband of Rozella (Rosie) Ann's was Calvin J. White
        f. Melvin Francis Templer (b. 2 March 1909, d. 14 January 1970) married Beatrice Foreman
        g. Lela V. Templer (b. 21 November 1910, d. 22 July 1998) married (1) George Quickle and (2) Howard Hance. Marriage (1) had two children:
              i. Georgeanne Quickle
             ii. George William Quickle married Celia G. Naake. They had two children:
                aa. Donnetta S. Quickle
                bb. Debra K. Quickle
                2nd wife of George William's was Constance M. Comiskey
     3. Ida May Templer (b. 7 September 1874, d. 13 September 1943) married Grant William Mackey. They had eight children:
         a. Glen Earl Mackey (b. 12 June 1894, d. 23 November 1940) married Augusta May Timm. They had two children:
              i. Walter (Bud) Wallace Mackey (b. 21 December 1925, d. 21 November 1997) married Elsie Madeline Somers.
                2nd wife of Walter (Bud) Wallace Mackey's was Lola D. ?. They had one child:
                aa. Mary Jane Mackey
             ii. Darrell Dwight Mackey (b. 8 April 1932, d. 29 December 1959) married Elizabeth Kimball. They had one child:
                aa. Robert Glenn Mackey
         b. Raymond Earnest Mackey (b. 22 November 1895, d. 22 September 1975) married Mary Flenore Pumphrey. They had five
              i. Lloyd Bertrum Mackey (b. 18 July 1916, d. 10 August 1988) married Jeanora Farley. They had three children:
                aa. Maxleroy Mackey
                bb. Gary Lee Mackey
                cc. Grant William Mackey
             ii. Donald Ray Mackey (b. 6 July 1919, d. 7 November 2003) married Ruth L. Stewart. They had two children:
                aa. Donald Jack Mackey (b. 12 December 1944, d. 2017)
                bb. Lawrence Ray Mackey
            iii. Wallace Reed Mackey (b. 13 May 1921, d. 15 November 1987) married Florence Mulvaney. They had one child:
                aa. Patricia Ann Mackey
            iv. Mary Alice Mackey (b. 4 September 1923, d. 9 April 2009) married Lyman Augustus Barber. They had two children;
                aa. Donald Ray Barber
                bb. Ann Elise Barber
             v. Gordon Wayne Mackey (b. 4 June 1928, d. 18 October 2006) married Jean Stewart. They had three children:
                aa. Rene Mackey
                bb. Todd Mackey
                cc. Kristy Mackey
             2nd wife of Raymond's was Cora Leaf
          c. Virgil Ray Mackey (b. 2 April 1898, d. 24 April 1967) married Geneva Mae Alps. They had five children:
              i. Florence Pearl Mackey (B. 9 November 1920, d. 25 December 1998) married Cleo J. Southerland. They had one child:
                aa. Robert Charles Southerland
             ii. Fern Viola Mackey (b. 23 April 1924, d. 14 March 1995) married James Henderson.
                2nd husband of Fern Violas's was Thomas Paul Mitchell. They had one child:
                aa. Daniel Lee Mitchell
                3rd husband of Fern Viola's was Boyd B. Cummings. They had four chilldren:
                aa. Barbara Ann Cummings
                bb. Betty Mae Cummings
                cc. Boyd Wayne Cummings
                dd. Timothy Cummings
            iii. Vernon Grant Mackey (b. 14 August 1933, d. 26 July 1966) married Luella Cuniff. They had four children:
                aa. Grant Mackey
                bb. Jennie Mackey
                cc. Nancy Mackey
                dd. Bonnie Mackey
             iv. Rosemary Ilene Mackey (b. 12 March 1936, d. August 1936)
             v. Rose Ileen Mackey (b. 20 March 1942, d. 27 October 2001) married Ken Summers
                2nd husband of rose Ileen's was Jan Long. They had two children:
                aa. Renee Long
                bb. Chad Long
              2nd wife of Virgil Ray's was Ardath May Johnston
          d. Floyd Mackey (b. 1 June 1900, d. 4 January 1979) married Clara Catherine Henney. They had four children:
              i. Floyd Lee Mackey (b. 17 February 1921, d. 14 June 1972) married Mary Alice Clarke. They had two children:
                aa. Suzanne Lee Mackey
                bb. Valerie Clarke Mackey
             ii. Marvin Arthur Mackey (b. 25 March 1924, d. 13 September 2009) married Nellie Florence Bosisto. They had three children:
                aa. Linda Catherine Mackey
                bb. Douglas Marvin Mackey
                cc. Dwaine Nelvin Mackey
            iii. Lawrence William Mackey (b. 26 October 1925, d. 7 May 1946)
            iv. Dwight Richard Mackey married Charmaine Glee Ahl. They had two children:
                aa. Lawrence Van Mackey
                bb. JoAnn Bea Mackey
          e. Elsie May Mackey (b. 30 January 1902, d. 31 January 1992) married John W. Henney. They had eight children:
              i. Twin Boy Henney (b. 9 December 1922, d. 9 December 1922)
             ii. Twin Boy Henney (b. 9 December 1922, d. 9 December 1922)
            iii. Ruth Margorie Henney (b. 25 September 1923, d. 19 April 2001) married John Theodore Swanson. They had two children:
                aa. Michael Dean Swanson
                bb. Melanie Sue Swanson
             iv. Shirley Jean Henney married Morris Allen Dickhart. They had two children:
                aa. Gary Morris Dickhart
                bb. Pamela Mae Diokhart
              v. Doris Arlene Henney (b. 2 May 1929, d. 20 September 1929)
             vi. Charlotte May Henney (b. 18 December 1930, d. 27 October 2014) married Joseph Boshinski. They had three children:
                aa. Joseph Allen Boshinski
                bb. Linda Susan Boshinski
                cc. Matthew Charles Boshinski
            vii. Jack Edward Henney (b. 1 May 1937, d. 3 October 2001) married Mary Margaret Roemersberger. They had three childlren:
                aa. Laurie Marie Henney
                bb. Patrick Sean Henney
                cc. Jon Michael Henney
           viii. Janet Elaine Henney married Donald Eugene Schanwolf. They had two children:
                aa. Sheri Lynn Schanwolf
                bb. Scott Eugene Schanwolf
          f. Clark Mackey (b. 24 January 1904, d. 27 February 1974) married Thelma Bright. They had no children.
             2nd wife of Clark Mackey was Mary Eldon Bradbury. They had four children:
              i. Roy Mackey (b. 26 October 1930, d. 26 October 1930)
             ii. Robert Mackey (b. 22 June 1932, d. 22 June 1932)
            iii. Arthur Mackey (b. 2 August 1933, d. 16 October 1933)
            iv. Norma Elaine Mackey (b. 4 August 1940, d. 20 October 2015) married Clifford D. Schneider. They had two children:
                aa. Timothy Clark Mackey Schneider
                bb. Mary Elaine Schneider
             3rd wife of Clark Mackey was Florence ?
             4th wife of Clark Mackey was Jeanne Pyeat.
          g. Kenneth Mackey (b. 15 November 1907, d. 5 November 1965) married Zoa McMurry. They had four children:
              i. Melvin Murry Mackey married Mary Ann Haas. They had five children:
                aa. Katherine Ann Mackey
                bb. Melvin (Mick) Murry Mackey, Jr.
                cc. Mark Murry Mackey
                dd. Morris Murry Mackey
                ee. Karen Ann Mackey
             ii. Darleen Dolores Mackey married Darwin Robert Snidow. They had four children:
                aa. Robert Louis Snidow
                bb. Randy Lynn Snidow
                cc. Lynnette Kay Snidow
                dd. Jeannette Thelma Snidow
            iii. Kenneth Keith Mackey married Patricia Ann Kramer. They had three children:
                aa. Kenneth Patrick Mackey
                bb. Kayleen Ann Mackey
                cc. Konnie Louise Mackey
            iv. Kathleen Kay Mackey married James Craig Miller. They had three children:
                aa. Duane Jay Miller
                bb. Dean Robert Miller
                cc. Darrell Keith Miller
          h. Mary Ethel Mackey (b. 10 December 1910, d. 10 September 1995) married Horace Leroy Boyer. They had three children:
              i. Betty Mae Boyer (b. 26 August 1928, d. 5 May 2013) married John William Bicker. They had one child:
                aa. Gayle Ann Bicker
               2nd husband of Betty Mae's was Ray Hall. They had two children:
                bb. Gregory Hall
                cc. Brian Hall
               3rd husband of Betty Mae's was ? Johnson.
             ii. Howard Wayne Boyer married Edna Louise Price. They had three children:
                aa. Howard Dwight Boyer
                bb. Julie Ann Boyer
                cc. Guy Wayne Boyer
            iii. Dale Russell Boyer (b. 19 May 1931, d. 27 March 1997) married Darlene Emma Renninger. They had two child ren:
                aa. Lonna Jean Boyer
                bb. Kenneth Clark Boyer
                2nd wife of Dale Russell's was Marilyn Keisleber. They had two children:
                aa. Karen Ann Boyer
                bb. Cindy Lee Boyer
            2nd husband of Mary Ethel's was Leonard Dewey Arnold. they had five children:
             i. Jerry Eugene Arnold (b. 2 July 1934, d. 3 June 2006) married Diane Louise Mauer. They had six children:
                aa. Dean Curtis Arnold
                bb. Jerry Wayne Arnold
                cc. Chris Michael Arnold
                dd. Dee Ann Arnold
                ee. Cathy Arnold
                ff. Infant son Arnold
                2nd wife of Jerry Eugene's was Carol Schreckengost. They had two children:
                gg. Kaycie Dawn Arnold
                hh. Kelly Arnold
                3rd wife of Jerry Eugene's was Erlinda ?. They had one child:
                ii. D'Nita Arnold
            ii. Lois Louise Arnold married Mark Hancock. They had one child:
                aa. Mark Allen Hancock
                2nd husband of Lois Louise' was Lowell Schlesser. They had three children:
                aa. Richard Craig Schlesser
                bb. Vicky Lynn Schlesser
                cc. Trina Louise Schlesser
                3rd husband of Lois Louise's was Earl Freeman. They had one child:
                dd. Fred Freeman
           iii. Rodger Arnold (b. 6 March 1939, d. 21 March 1939)
           iv. Avonne Lee Arnold married Dean Larson Howard. They had four children:
                aa. Terry Howard
                bb. Cheryl Howard
                cc. Dale Russell Howard
                dd. Susan Howard
           v. Karen L. Arnold married Ivan Varwig. They had one child:
                aa. Robert Varwig
                2nd husband of Karen's was Robert Urban. They had one child:
                bb. Mary Lynn Urban
                3rd husband of Karen's was Troy Dean Crouch. They had two children:
                cc. Troy Dean Crouch, Jr.
                dd. Leroy Everett Crouch
            3rd husband of Mary Ethel's was Walter Theodore Flitter.
    4. Nora Ellen Templer (b. 10 September 1876, d. 18 February 1950) married Alfred Mortimer Thorington. They had four children.
         a. LaVerne Preston Thorington (b. 22 February 1900, d. 30 December 1986)
         b. Alma E. Thorington (b. 1902, d. 1922)
         c. Marjorie Gail Thorington (b. 8 September 1906, d. 9 October 1960) married ? Wright. They had one child:
              i. Donna Lee Wright (b. 30 November 1931, d. 23 February1988) married ? Holland. They had two children:
                aa. Cheryl Ann Holland
                bb. Lorna Gail Holland
                2nd husband of Donna Lee's was Leroy Smith. They had one child:
                cc. Steven Phillip Smith
             2nd husband of Marjorie Gail's was Gilbert Earl Pulliam. They had one child:
             ii. Judith Lynne Pulliam
         d. Alfred Donovan Thorington (b. 13 February 1914, d. 20 April 2003) married Dorothy L. Brown
     5. George Franklin Templer (b. 1 September 1879, d. 15 February 1942) married Anna Elizabeth Hamilton. They had one known child.
          a. Ralph Howard Templer (b. 18 April 1908, d. 10 August 1984) married (1) Mina Friedrichsen. They had one child:
              i. Ralph Howard Templer, Jr. (b. 5 February 1928, d. 30 December 1999) married Alice Theresa Andreas. They had three children:
                aa. Joan M. Templer (aka Mina-Anne Kurowski)
                bb. Andrea J. Templer Linville (aka Andrea Linville)
                cc. Stephen Templer Linville (aka Stephen Linville).
                2nd wife of Ralph Howard, Jr.'s was Dorothy Lillian McKaig. They had six children:
                dd. Darlene D. Templer
                ee. Ralph Howard Templer, III
                ff. Dorothy (Dottie) Templer
                gg. Dawn A. Templer
                hh. George Frank Templer
                ii. Temple Norman Templer
                3rd wife of Ralph Howard, Jr.'s was Annastina Johansson.
             2nd wife of Ralph Howard's was Dorothy Evelyn Bachmann
             3rd wife of Ralph Howard's was Marthqa E. Lamb
     6. Edith E. Templer (b. 1 January 1882, d. 2 September 1936) married Elmer Wilmer Churchill. They had 7 children.
          a. Eva May Churchill (b. 26 January 1900, d. 12 March 1980) married John S. Chelemes. They had one adopted child:
              i. Betty E. Chelemes married Warren B. Marshall. They had two children:
                aa. Wayne Marshall
                bb. Lois ann Marshall
                2nd husband of Betty Ellen's was ? Kelly.
          b. Dora Laura Churchill (b. 1901, d 1918) married to ___ Miller
          c. Elsie Churchill (b. 13 April 1905, d. 29 December 1949) married to Ralph Tennant
          d. Everett Churchill (b. 1906, d. 1906)
          e. Nancy Ellen Churchill (b. 5 July 1910, d. 28 December 1969) married Hans Vernon Petersen. They had four children:
                i. Lois Colleen Petersen married Teddy Lester Rutherford. They had two children:
                  aa. John Vernon Rutherford
                  bb. Donna J. Rutherford
               ii. Nancy Jo Petersen married Rollin Morris Phelps. They had two children:
                  aa. Carl Gordon Phelps
                  bb. Susan Lynne Phelps
              iii. Vernon (Jerry) Elmer Petersen married Mary Ann Wilbert. They had two children:
                  aa. Paula Jean Petersen
                  bb.Frank Vernon Petersen
              iv. Jeanie Petersen married Johnny Robinson. They had two children:
                  aa. Matt Robinson
                  bb. Paul Vernon Robinson
                  2nd husband of Jeanie's was J. J. Barrett.
          f. Emery Roy Churchill (b. 16 May 1913, d. 12 July 1960) married to Olive Fern Whitteker. They had one child:
                i. Elmer Richard Churchill married Linda Rivers Ruler. They had two children:
                  aa. Eric Richard Churchill
                  bb. Robert Sean Churchill
               2nd wife of Emery Roy's was Florence Juanita Kinsfather. They had one child:
               ii. Karen Kay Churchill (b. 31 August 1947, d. 25 August 2009) married Gerald D. Barnes. They had two children:
                  aa. Jerry Nathan Barnes
                  bb. Christine Kay Barnes
                  2nd husband of Karen's was Joseph McAuliffe.
          g. Ethel Churchill (b 1916, d. 1916)
     7. John Campbell Templer (b. 12 March 1884, d. 7 March 1945) married Lillian Blanche Miles on 28 April 1905. They had five children.
          a. Frederic Joseph Templer (b. 25 September 1906, d. 9 June 1983) married Ruby June Garritson. They had one child:
                i. Jo Ann Templer (b. 22 April 1934, d. 18 November 1994)
          b. Milo Milton Templer (b. 15 October 1908, d. 20 February 2000) married Mary E. Hemrick. They had seven children:
                i. Leonard Milton Templer (b. 7 December 1929, d. 16 March 2006) married Anna L. Prouse. They had one child:
                  aa. Lee Allen Templer
                  2nd wife of Leonard Milton's was Mary Mancheto. They had two children:
                  aa. Ronald N. Templer
                  bb. Annette S. Templer
               ii. Howard Ray Templer (b. 22 September 1930, d. 13 February 2004) married Phyllis S. Hallmark. They had three children:
                  aa. Denise Templer
                  bb.Douglas Ray Templer
                  cc. Kimberly Templer
                  2nd wife of Howard Ray's was Mary Ellen ?.
              iii. Betty Jean Templer married Elbert Frank Fox. They had six children:
                  aa. Sharon Louise Fox
                  bb. Karen Lee Fox
                  cc. Jeanne Lynn Fox
                  dd. Beverly J. Fox
                  ee. Bruce Wayne Fox
                  ff. Lynette Marie Fox
              iv. Doris Eileen Templer (b. 26 February 1935, d. 1 December 2012) married Charles Ostlee. They had five children:
                  aa. Charles Lee Ostlee
                  bb. Cherylynn Ostlee
                  cc. Glenn A. Ostlee
                  dd. John Wayne Ostlee
                  ee. Terry Wayne Ostlee
               v. Connie May Templer married William Leinenwever. They had three children:
                  aa. Scott Leinenwever
                  bb. Tammy Leinenwever
                  cc. Nicki Leinenwever
              vi. Terry Gene Templer (b. 6 December 1945, d. 8 November 2016) married Evangeline Rose Tiedeman.
                  2nd wife of Terry Gene's was Diane Nelson.
             vii. Larry Eugene Templer (b. 6 December 1945, d. 6 December 1945)
          c. Hubert Langdon Templer (b. 11 July 1911, d. 10 March 1969) married Lois Audrey Bell. They had one child:
                i. Darryl L. Templer married Mary F. Holasek
          d. Veva Viola Templer (b. 25 June 1915, d. 1971) married Amos Snow
              2nd husband of Veva Viola's was Robert Pollack
              3rd husband of Veva Viloa's was Morris Johnson. They had one child:
                i. Thea Ann Johnson
          e. Richard Eugene Templer married Marion Lois MacFadgen. They had two children:
                i. Steven Craig Templer married Virginia Anne Wilson. They had two children:
                  aa. Sandy Marie Templer
                  bb. Keith Richard Templer
               ii. Susan Jean Templer married Robert Lewis Wake. They had two children
                  aa. Robert Lars Wake
                  bb. Tanya Marie Wake
                  2nd husband of Susan Jean's was George W. Phetteplace
                  3rd husband of Susan Jean's was Tony Koopman
     8. Archibald Templer (b. 12 March 1886, d. 18 March 1886)
     9. Roy Wilson Templer (b. 10 October 1887, d. 19 June 1937) married Susan V. Breeding. They had one child:
         a. Harold B. Templer (b. 1909, d. 12 December 1950) married Anna Grasmick.
    10. Joseph Floyd Templer (b. 26 January 1890, d. 24 November 1965)
         married Lillian Doersam. They had one child .
         a. Eva Delores Templer (b. 22 February 1920, d. 16 June 2014) married Robert Charles Sawyer
            2nd husband of Eva's was Joseph B. Lawrence
            3rd husband of Eva's was Kenneth L. Edwards
11. Della Ruth Templer (b. 21 February 1892, d. 18 October 1980) married Harper Edward Lowther. They had four known children.
         a. Ruth Barbara Lowther (b. 7 February 1910, d. 2 November 1999) married Harold William Crews. They had three children:
                i. Donna Jeanne Crews married John George Horvath. They had four children:
                  aa. Nancy Lynne Horvath
                  bb. Jon Jax Horvath
                  cc. Daniel Dirk Horvath
                  dd. Jennifer Jill Horath
                  2nd husband of Donna Jeanne's was John Charles Yanz.
               ii. Harold Robert Crews married Sue Joyce Hines. They had three children:
                  aa. Sheryl Ann Crews
                  bb. Amy Renee Crews
                  cc. Scott Crews
              iii. Daniel Dwight Crews married Beverly Markwood. They had four children:
                  aa. Judy D. Crews
                  bb. Tracie L. Crews
                  cc. Dee Anne Crews
                  dd. Penni R. Crews
         b. Maxine Mae Lowther (b.3 September 1913, d. 1 July 2008) married Robert L. Efaw. They had two children:
                i. Billy L. Efaw married Betty Saulton. They had four children:
                  aa. Marsha L. Efaw
                  bb. Karen J. Efaw
                  cc. John R. Efaw
                  dd. Patricia A. Efaw
               ii. Sally Efaw married William Bowen. They had four children:
                  aa. Becky Bowen
                  bb. Brenda Bowen
                  cc. Barbara Bowen
                  dd. Roberta Bowen
         c. Donald Edward Lowther (b. 30 April 1922, d. 20 April 2007) married Claire Burdick. They had three children:
                i. Timothy Edward Lowther married Jeannie ?. They had two children:
                  aa. Evan Lowther
                  bb. Alana Lowther
               ii. Melody Christine Lowther married Mickie McClay
              iii. Merilyn Kay Lowther married Harvey Gray
              2nd wife of Timothy's was Agnes Jackson
         d. Carol Jeanne Lowther (b. 10 April 1927, d. 28 February 2009) married Albert Clark Holt. They had four children:
                i. Beatrice (Trixie) Lee Holt married John B. Gear. They had two childlren:
                  aa. Heidi Rebecca Gear
                  bb. Gavin M. Gear
               ii. Betty Jeanne Holt married Lawrence Martin Wiklund
                  aa. Timothy Lawrence Wiklund
                  bb. Melissa Jeanne Wiklund
                  cc. Jeremy Justin Wiklund
              iii. Alan Bruce Holt (b. 30 January 1958, d. 23 June 2000) married Belva Marie Lovell. They had two children:
                  aa. Leah Charlene Holt
                  bb. Clark Alan Holt
              iv. Brian Stephen Holt married Judith Cooper. They had three children;
                  aa. Danielle Elaine Holt
                  bb. Joshua Ryan Holt
                  cc. Erin Elizabeth Holt
    12. Retta Myrtle Templer (b. 29 March 1894, d. 30 June 1969) married Ernest Benton Varner. They had two children.
         a. Claire Gail Varner (b. 17 March 1917,d. 5 June 2009) married Marion E. Marshall. They had one child:
                i. Larry Dean Marshall married Karin S. Doyle
         b. Ernest Benton Varner, Jr. (b. 17 August 1919, d. 13 December 1988) married Mary Ford. They had five children:
                i. Charline L. Varner married James R. Anderson
               ii. Beverly S. Varner married Jon J. Nelson
              iii. Alice Marie Varner married Gary F. Marino
              iv. William Benton Varner married Bonita K. Richau. They had one child:
                  aa. Kyle Benton Varner
               v. Dan J. Varner

D. Townsend Templer was born September 1844 in Knox County, IL and died 21 June 1863 in Duck Port, Madison Parish, LA. He died of sickness during service
    with the 35th Iowa Infantry at the Battle of Vicksburg during the Civil War.

E. Harriet Leanora Templer was born 29 April 1846 and died 20 July 1848 in Knox County, IL

F. Stacy E. Templer was born 29 March 1848 and died 24 February 1850 in Knox
    County, IL

G. Benjamin Franklin Templer was born 13 March 1850 in Knox County, IL and died 31 August 1927 in Otoe County, NE. He married Martha Bell Hand.
    Martha was born 16 October 1864 in Missouri and died 21 July 1931 in Van Wert8 , Decatur County, IA. There are no known children.

H. George Washington Templer was born 10 March 1852 in Adams County, IL and died 3 January 1908 in Chanute, Neosho County, KS. He married Eliza Jane
    Chadwick, daughter of John Chadwick and Sophronia Graham, on 28 November 1873 in Milledgeville, Appanoose County, IA. Eliza was born 20 June 1857 in
    Milledgeville, Appanoose County, IA and died 24 October 1948 in Garden City, Finney County, KS. George is buried in Elmwood Cemetery in Chanute, KS, and
    Eliza is buried in Valley View Cemetery in Garden City, KS, under her remarried name of Thomas. George and Eliza had 8 children:
    1. Sophronia Belle Templer (b. 10 September 1874, d. 19 April 1964) married David Wallace McKey on 24 December 1889. They had two children:
        a. Clarence Arthur McKey (b. 23 December 1890, d. 1 December 1957) married Margaret Una Ball
        b. Theron L. McKey (b. 5 January 1900, d. abt. 1932)
        2nd husband of Sophronia Belle's was John T. Brooks on 14 May 1945.
    2. Charles Eugene Templer (b. 3 May 1877, d. 28 July 1960) married Addie Pearl Redmond on 9 August 1911. They had seven children.
         a. Alma Audine Templer (b. 3 March 1913, d. 9 March 1928)
         b. Unnamed son Templer (b. 30 April 1915, d. 30 April 1915)
         c. Doris Permelia Templer (b. 10 July 1916, d. 8 November 2000) married John Marshall Cummings. They had five children:
                i. Kenneth Wayne Cummings married Diane Jeanne Orr. They had three children:
                  aa. Ronda Jean Cummings
                  bb. David Wayne Cummings
                  cc. Phillip Michael Orr
               ii. Carolyn Kay Cummings married Larry Dale Hughes. They had two children:
                  aa. Randell Scott Hughes
                  bb. Kendell Lynn Hughes
              iii. Donald Lee Cummings married Ethel Louise Rigdon. They had one child:
                  aa. Vicki Charlene Cummings
                  2nd wife of Donald Lee's was Janet Carolyn Hodges. They had one child:
                  bb. Roy Travis cummings
              iv. Allen Lynn Cummings married Kathy Lou Rogers. They had two children:
                  aa. Melissa Dawn Cummings
                  bb. Ronald Lynn cummings
               v. Rita May Cummings married Richard Upton Nienstedt. They had three children:
                  aa. William Marshall Nienstedt
                  bb. Robyn Audine Nienstedt
                  aa. Aimee Lou Nienstedt
         d. Eugene Redmond Templer (b. 14 July 1918, d. 6 March 1967) married Anna Ruth Miller. They had two children:
                i. Barbara Ann Templer (b. 5 March 1942, d. 30 March 2007) married Jerry L. Bever. They had three children:
                  aa. Rebecca Ann Bever
                  bb. Christina Lea Bever
                  cc. John Richard Bever
               ii. Robert Eugene Templer (b. 19 April 1943, d. 23 April 1993) married Nancy Jean Wilson. They had two children:
                  aa. Nancy Denise Templer
                  bb. Robert Aaron Templer
         e. Georgia Eliza Templer (b. 14 December 1920, d. 23 January 1923)
         f. Charles Gaylord Templer (b. 3 August 1923, d. 30 November 1983) married Evelyn Maxine Johnson. They had five children:
                i. Charles (aka Chuck and Sonny) Ernest Templer married Alma Colleen Fortner. They had three children:
                  aa. Charles Michael Templer
                  bb. Karen Diane Templer
                  cc. Karla Marie Templer
               ii. Garlan Dean Templer (b. 9 January 1948, d. 5 August 2016) married Evelyn Janet New. They had two children
                  aa. William Robert Templer
                  bb. Marcia Diane Templer
              iii. Galen Dennis Templer married Sherryl Louise Whitley. They had two children:
                  aa. Eric Todd Templer
                  bb. Kelly Christine Templer
              iv. Tracy Eugene Templer married Susan Lynn Mitchell.
                  2nd wife of Tracy Eugene's was Patricia Carol Crosby. Patricia previously had two children:
                  aa. Greg Alan Barron
                  bb. Sandy Marie Barron
                  Tracy and Patricia had one child:
                  cc. Ashley Denise Templer
               v. Mary Rebecca Templer married Richard Branson Breazeale.
         g. Phylliss Cleo Templer (b. 19 January 1926, d. 9 July 1996) married (1) Robert
             Clarence Metzinger, (2) George C. Sheets and (3) James E. Bishop. The first
             marriage resulted in two children and she had two step-children in the second
                i. Constance Sue Metzinger married Billy Jess Beckworth. They had three children:
                  aa. Amy Michelle Beckworth
                  bb. David Michael Beckworth
                  aa. William Jeremy Beckworth
               ii. Linda Diann Metzinger married Frank Eugene Wright. They had two children.
                  aa. Catherine Diane Wright
                  bb. Marcy Lynette Wright
              2nd husband of Phylliss's was George C. Sheets. She had two step-children:
              iii. Peggy Sue Sheets married Tommy Joe Felts.
                  aa. Michael Wayne Felts
                  2nd husband of Peggy Sue's was Floyd Deacon. They had one child:
                  aa. Michelle Deacon
                  3rd husband of Peggy Sue's was Leo Lloyd Jones
              iv. George Douglas Sheets (b. 11 November 1950, d. 9 April 2011) married Arleta Rolene Shaver. They had three children:
                  aa. Allison Michelle Sheets
                  bb. Lindsey Marie Sheets
                  cc. Adam Christopher Sheets
              3rd husband of Phylliss's was James E. Bishop
    3. Viola Rose Templer (b. 11 March 1880, d. 2 May 1957) married Howard Henry Rogers on 15 March 1898. They had 8 children.
         a. Opal Sylvia Rogers (b. 23 June 1898, d. 4 May 1936) married Ralph James Webb. They had three children:
                i. James Ralph Webb (b. 8 August 1918, d. 13 September 1957)
               ii. John Webb
              iii. Bonnie Rose (aka Hilloah Faye) Webb (b. 20 Juine 1928, d. 4 November 1961) married Donald Joseph Walsh they had two children:.
                  aa. Robert O'Neil Walsh
                  bb. Craig Joseph Walsh
         b. Lydia Lucille Rogers (b. 25 December 1899, d. 11 July 1989) married Harry W. Ferris. They had four children:
                i. Frederick (aka Ted) Henry Ferris (b. 21 July 1918, d. 13 May 1970) married Peggy Bernice Hartley. They had three children:
                  aa. Ronald Dale Ferris
                  bb. Linda Carroll Ferris
                  cc. Alan Curtis Ferris
               ii. Lila Louise Ferris (b. 23 March 1922, d. 16 July 2013) married Walter E. Shufelberger. They had three children:
                  aa. Elvin Eugene Shufelberger
                  bb.Dorothy Louise Shufelberger
                  cc. Valeta Sue Shufelberger
              iii. Beverly Sue Ferris (b. 20 May 1927, d. 23 April 1997) married Laverne Deloise Perkins. They had one child:
                  aa. Mikel Lee Perkins
              iv. Delores Jean Ferris married Robert Lord. They had two children:
                  aa. Robert Warren Lord
                  bb. Paula Jean Lord
                  2nd husband of Delores Jeans's was Gilbert Edward Sanford. They had two children:
                  cc. Don Edward Sanford
                  dd. Gilbert Lee Sanford
         c. Georgia Louise Rogers (b. 17 June 1901, d. 3 July 1997) married Wesley Walter Bell. They had four children:
                i. Kathryn (aka Kay) Louise Bell married Kenneth Lee Olinger. They had three children:
                  aa. Kenneth Lee Olinger
                  bb. Donald Lee Olinger
                  cc. Charles Allen Olinger
               ii. Rosetta Lee Bell (b. 21 June 1928, d. 21 November 1963) married Elden M. Underwood. They had two children:
                  aa. Merle Lee Underwood
                  bb. Beryl D. Underwood
              iii. Denzel Gale Bell married Betty Palmer. They had three children:
                  aa. Randy Lee Bell
                  bb. Sandra Dee Bell
                  cc. Lisa Ann Bell
              iv. Garland Wesley Bell (b. 16 November 1935, d. 6 July 1994) married Leta Louise Mills. They had two children:
                  aa. Teresa Ann Bell
                  bb. Brian Bell
                  2nd wife of Garland Wesley's was Mary Lewis. They had five children:
                  cc. Anthony Craig Bell
                  dd. Jeffrey James Bell
                  ee. Greg James Bell
                  ff. Philip Dewayne Bell
                  gg. Quentin Jerome Bell
         d. Edith Lila Rogers (b. 7 July 1903, d. 31 July 1998) married Luther Thomas Bell. They had two children:
                i. Donna Imogene Bell (b. 29 May 1926, d.4 March 2002) married Wayne Everett Byler. They had one child:
                  aa. Gary Wayne Byler
               ii. Barbara (aka Bobbie) Wynona Bell married Richard E. Gramly. They had two children:
                  aa. Richard Gene Gramly
                  bb. Dana Scott Gramly
                  2nd husbnd of Barbara (Bobbie's) was Robert L. Packer. They had one child:
                  cc. Anmna Lynn Packer
         e. Nola Belle Rogers (b. abt. 1905, d. 1907)
         f. Carl Stanley Rogers (b. 8 December 1910, d. 18 April 1988) married Mabel Vice
         g. Mildred Bartelle Rogers (b. 26 March 1918, d. 17 November 1975) married Harold Jude Hanson. They had four children:
                i. Rosalie Hanson married Walter Harlow. They had one child:
                  aa. Francis Harlow
               ii. Harold Duane Hanson married Gertrude Grindle. They had two children:
                  aa. Terri Kay Hanson
                  bb. Troy Duane Hanson
              iii. John Howard Hanson married Wanda Kay Birnbaum. They had three children:
                  aa. Laura Kay Hanson
                  bb. Cynthia Lynn Hanson
                  cc. Eric Lee Hanson
              iv. Dennis Eugene Hanson married Linda Sue Schartz. They had one child:
                  aa. Dana Denise Hanson
         h. Maynard Templer Rogers (b. 16 November 1921, d. 19 August 1943) was killed during World War II while on a bomber flight over North Africa.
    4. Chester Arthur Templer (b. 7 February 1882, d. 2 February 1971) married Pearl Victoria Shannon on 30 November 1904. They had three children.
         a. Charles Adrain Templer (b. 23 December 1905, d. 6 July 1990) married Clara Elizabeth Wickstrum They had three children:
                i. Lyle Floyd Templer married Kay F. Christenson. They had one child:
                  aa. Michelle Lynette Templer
                  2nd wife of Lyle Floyd's was Joan Margaret Ruths.
               ii. Karen Sue Templer married Richard Lee Haas. They had two children:
                  aa. Edward Lee Haas
                  bb. Patrick Adrain Haas
              iii. Terri Lynette Templer married John Karl Schmitz. They had two children:
                  aa. Tony Alan Schmitz
                  bb. Jeffrey Todd Schmitz
         b. William Woodrow Templer (b. 24 June 1915, d. 18 March 2012) married Alice Lucille Robbins. They had two children:
                i. Patricia Adrianne Templer married Jerry Hart. They had three children:
                  aa. Derek Hamilton Hart
                  bb. Heather Gay Hart
                  cc. Geri Kay Hart
               ii. William Woodrow Templer, Jr. married Cyd Leanne Tiedtke. They had two childlren:
                  aa. Nathan Philip Templer
                  bb. Ryan Matthew Templer
         c. Chester Floyd Templer (b. 22 December 1921, d. 13 February 2007) married Marie Louise Boettcher. They had three children:
               i. Pamela Kay Templer married John Russell Schuetz. They had two children:
                  aa. Shannon Marie Schuetz
                  bb. Erin Kay Schuetz
                  2nd husband of Pamela's was Dale Bearce
                  aa. Thad Joseph Mercer
                  bb. Peter Floyd Mercer
                  cc. William Josiah Mercer
              iii. James Arthur Templer married Joni Eugenia Kidwell. They had two children:
                  aa. Justin Arthur Templer
                  bb. Jeremy Aaron Robert Templer
                  2nd wife of James Arthur's was Therese Anne Hecht.
    5. Ada Alice Templer (b. 15 October 1885, d. 18 April 1969) married Sexton Columbus Vestal on 21 October 1903. They had eight children.
         a. Visia Vestal (b. 10 July 1904, d. 12 January 1997) married Ray Franklin Rickard. They had two children:
                i. Sharon Kay Rickard married Victor Roger Kroupa.
               ii. Larry Ray Rickard married Geraldine Shiela Griffin. They had three children:
                  aa. Dena Marie Rickard
                  bb. Dawn Dee Rickard
                  cc. Melissa Jean Rickard
         b. Earl Vestal (b. 27 August 1906, d. 7 December 1966)
         c. Orville Vestal (b. 27 December 1908, d. 29 December 1936)
         d. Linville Vestal (b. 5 January 1911, d. 10 February 1996)
         e. Everette Vestal (b. 23 December 1912, d. 27 July 1995) married Juanita Ruth Blackburn. They had two children:
                i. Janet Vestal
               ii. Jo Alice Vestal married Fred DeWitt Pleasant
         f. Elfredia Vestal (b. 9 July 1916, d. 17 January 1958) married John Main. They had one child:
                i. Edwin Leroy Main (b. 2 March 1938, d. 18 October 2001) married Donna ?. They had three children:
                  aa. Kevin Main
                  bb. Michael Main
                  cc. Michelle Main
                  2nd wife of Edwin Leroy's was Jean Mackey. They had two children:
                  aa. James Main
                  bb. Lisa Main
              2nd husband of Elfredia's was ? Kinkead.
         g. Shirley "Bob" Vestal (5 October 1918, d. 23 November 1996) married Evelyn Buchanan. They had eight children:
                i. Robert Lee Vestal married Retty J. Hendrickson. They had four children:
                  aa. Penny Elaine Vestal
                  bb. Dawna Lee Vestal
                  cc. Robert Lee Vestal
                  dd. Tammy Lynn Vestal
                  2nd wife of Robert Lee's was Janice Bushnell. They had two children:
                  ee. Greg Vestal
                  ff. Keith Vestal
               ii. Sheila Jean Vestal married Archie V. Coon. They had two children:
                  aa. Daniel Coon
                  bb. Scott Coon
              iii. Alice Lorine Vestal married Claude L. Coville. They had three children:
                  aa. Claudine Coville
                  bb. Randy Coville
                  cc. Claude L. Coville, Jr.
              iv. Terry Allen Vestal married Shirley Mowry. They had one child:
                  aa. Terry Allen Vestal, Jr.
                  2nd wife of Terry Allen's was Sandra McCracken. They had one child:
                  bb. LeRoy Vestal
                  3rd wife of Terry Allen's was Roberta Storie. They had two children:
                  cc. Shannon Vestal
                  dd. Matthew Vestal
                  4th wife of Terry Allen's was Virginia Gayle Wester.
               v. Patricia Ann Vestal married ? Keller.
                  2nd husband of Patricia Ann's was John Bush. They had two children:
                  aa. John bush, Jr.
                  bb. Jessica Bush
              vi. Leroy Vestal married Jodie ?. they had two children:
                  aa. Rose Vestal
                  bb. Corey Beth Vestal
             vii. Audrey Lou Vestal married Shaun Murphy. They had two children:
                  aa. Shaun Murphy
                  bb. Heather Murphy
                  2nd husband of Audrey Lou's was John Ripley
                  3rd husband of Audrey Lou's was George ?.
            viii. Carol Jean Vestal married Patrick Tuttle. They had three children:
                  aa. Kathy Tuttle
                  bb. Ann Margaret Tuttle
                  cc. Bonnie Tuttle
         h. Lorine Vestal (b. 24 December 1920, d. 8 November 2002) married Albert Kearth. They had one child:
                i. Sandra Sue Kearth (b. 14 February 1945, d. 9 February 1999) married Harry Douglas Byers. They had two children:
                  aa. Steven Douglas Byers
                  bb. Michael Todd Byers
                  2nd husband of Sanddra Sue's was ? McGee
            2nd husband of Lorine's was Luther Monroe Stevens. They had one child:
               ii. Tammy Lou Stevens (b. 4 February 1958, d. 5 June 1975)
    6. Wilson Kelso Templer (b. 6 June 1886, d. 15 March 1957)
    7. John Carl Templer (b. 14 September 1892 d. 15 December 1972) married Irma Vernal Hilyard on 23 December 1924. They had four children.
         a. George Hilyard Templer (b. 23 December 1925, d. 14 May 1993)
         b. John Carl Templer, Jr. (b. 10 September 1927, d. 16 July 2007)
         c. Mary Opal Templer (b. 4 November 1928, d. 30 May 2005) married Robert Eugene Dickson. They had three children:
                i. Frank Ronald Dickson (b. 19 December 1956, d. 10 September 1978)
               ii. John Alan Dickson married Elizabeth Jeanetter Rote. They had two children:
                  aa. John (aka Jack) Patrick Dickson
                  bb. Hunter Jeanette Dickson
              iii. Paul Edward Dickson married Jin Kwon Kim. They had two children:
                  aa. Grace Young Dickson
                  bb. Kristine Mary Dickson
          d. Billy Gene Templer (b. 26 October 1930, d. 19 January 2012) married Janice Ann Lindley. They had four children:
                i. John Lindley Templer
               ii. Lacinda Ann Templer married Anthony Carmen DeCicco. They had four children:
                  aa. Micah Templer DeCicco
                  bb. Nicholas Anthony DeCicco
                  cc. Luke Joshua DeCicco
                  dd. Mia DeCicco
              iii. James Laurance Templer married Melissa Hill. They had one child:
                  aa. Sebastian Michael Dwyer Templer
              iv. David Hilyard Templer
    8. Ernest Stanley Templer (b. 25 December 1895, d. 27 August 1978) married Effie Alice Harris on 24 September 1920. They had five children.
         a. Betty Jean Templer (b. 4 April 1921, d. 21 October 2005) married Robert Louis Schmidlapp. They had two children:
                i. Lynn Robert Schmidlapp (b. 4 April 1950, d. 27 December 1990)
               ii. Donald Lyle Schmidlapp married Vicki Lynn Smith. They had two children:
                  aa. Holley Faye Schmidlapp
                  bb. Cole Robert Schmidlapp
         b. Stanley Eugene Templer (b. 4 June 1922, d. 4 May 1932)
         c. Robert Junior Templer (b. 10 June 1924, d. 1 August 2009) married Barbara Ann Corbin . They had three children:
                i. Mary Jo Templer married Daniel Patrick Caldarera. They had three children:
                  aa. Deanne Renee Caldarera
                  bb. Kristy Marie Caldarera
                  cc. Kathryn Michelle Caldarera
               ii. John Scott Templer (b. 10 April 1954, d. 10 April 1954)
              iii. John Michael Templer married Traci L. Howell. They had two children:
                  aa. Patrick Alvin Briley
                  bb. Alyson Sara Templer
              2nd wife of Robert Junior's was Kathryn Louise Henry (b. 26 May 1942, d. 2017). They had two children:
              iv. Marcia K. Gibb married Steven McKibben. They had two children:
                  aa. Melissa Kay McKibben
                  bb. Craig James McKibben
              v. Mark D. Gibb married Terri Lynn Haas. They had one child:
                  aa. Justin Tyler Gibb
         d. Gerald LaVaughn Templer married Colleen Highfill. They had three childlren:
                i. Sharon (aka Shari) Kay Templer mrtried Michael Robert Conley. They had three children:
                  aa. James (aka Brad) Bradford Conley
                  bb. Michael Ryan Conley
                  cc. Amanda Lynn Conley
               ii. Margaret (aka Marganne) Ann Templer married Mark Edwin Pearce. They had two children:
                  aa. Shane Edwin Pearce
                  bb. Mattison Layne Pearce
              iii. Thomas Cory Templer married Jereri Lynn Francis. They had three children:
                  aa. Haley Elizabeth Templer
                  bb. Jamie Lee Templer
                  cc. Jack Thomas Templer
         e. Gary Lee Templer (b. 25 March 1937, d. 14 November 2004) married JoAnn Margaret Stutz. They adopted two children:
                i. Joshua Mathew Templer
               ii. Jennifer Margot Templer

I. Tolaver Templer was born 20 June 1854 and died 22 March 1857 in Adams County, IL

J. Rose Ann Templer was born 18 May 185 in Quincy, Adams County, IL and died on 10 August 1929 in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, where she was living with her
   daughter. She married Henry Smith Loughman on 2 March 1873. Henry was born 5 February 1852 in Pennsylvania and died 19 December 1926 in Bottineau County,
   ND. They had 11 known children.
    1. Nancy Edith Loughman (b. 25 February 1874, d. 13 December 1874)
    2. Ollie Belle Loughman (b. 11 February 1876, d. 26 August 1962) married Charles Lander. They had 3 known children:
        a. Pearl Dora Lander (b. 6 July 1895, d. 4 May 1974) married James Marion Peckinpaugh and they had three children.
              i. Marian G. Peckinpaugh (b. 20 December 1912, d. 21 November 2000) married Joel P. Nelson.
             ii. Harold James Peckinpaugh (b. 12 November 1916, d. 20 January 2000) married Effie Eileen Foster. They had three children:
                  aa. Carol Peckinpaugh
                  bb. Mark Peckinpauagh
                  cc. Sandra Peckinpaugh
            iii. Douglas Alan Peckinpaugh (b. 11 March 1919, d. 21 May 2002) married Marion Sargent. They had two children:
                  aa. Cameron E. Peckinpaugh
                  bb. Lynn Peckinpaugh
        b. Gladyce May Lander (b. 27 December 1897, D. 31 October 1968) married (1) Ernest S. Kittleson and (2) Harold E. Sturgeon. She had one child in first marriage.
           i. Virgil Claude Kittleson (b. abt. 1914, d. 24 February 1943)
        c. Claud Lander (b. abt 1899, d. abt 1899)
        2nd husband of Ollie Belle's was W. John Thorn. They lived in Canada.
    3. Clarance Guy Loughman (b. 1 September 1878, d. 9 June 1879)
    4. Dora May Loughman (b. 1 October 1880, d. 16 May 1907) married _____ Christine
        and they had one child.
        a. Mildred Christine (b. abt 1902, d. 12 December 1927) married to Theodore Kelly and had one child.
              i. Vernon Erl Kelly.
    5. Mary Maud Loughman (b. 12 January 1883, d. 15 May 1889)
    6. Henry Arlo Loughman (b. 13 August 1885, d. 2 May 1889)
    7. Ernest Stacy Loughman (b. 28 October 1887, d. 24 May 1975) married to
        (1) Pearl H. Gordon. They had one child.
         a. Opal G. Loughman (b. 22 November 1908, d. 13 June 1983) married Frank James Bready. They had three known children.
              i. James Sylvester Bready married Janet Irene Bope. They had four children:
                  aa. Marilyn E. Bready
                  bb. Scott J. Bready
                  cc. Dennis M. Bdready
                  dd. Shannon Bready
             ii. Loretta G. Bready married donald A. Butler. They had one child:
                  aa. Monica L. Butler
            iii. Gerald Francis Bready (b. 14 December 1930, d. 19 November 1991) married Marilyn J. Bope. They had three children:
                  aa. Jeri Lynn Bready
                  bb. Jana Lee Bready
                  cc. Jeffrey A. Bready
                  2nd wife of Gerald Francis' was Dorothy June Mackey
        Ernest married (2) Velva F. Matthews, with whom he had three children:
         a. Robert James Loughman (b. 1952, d. 1952)
         b. Rose Ann Loughman married (1) Billie L. Henry and (2) Joseph
         c. Robin Jay Loughman married Cindylou Aho
    8. Cecil Ray Loughman (b. 12 March 1890, d. 1 July 1931) married Jennie Elizabeth DuMont and had
        one child.
        a. Muriel M. Loughman (b. 25 April 1911, d. 16 March 2005) married Francis J. Wall
    9. William Jay Loughman (b. 23 January 1893, d. 18 April 1990) married Nora I.
        McGettigan and they had two children:
         a. Mary Templer Loughman married to Kent A. Burgener. They had four children:
                i. Alan John Burgener
               ii. Carol Burgener married Jeffrey N. Grossman. They had three children:
                  aa. Andrew Frederic Grossman
                  bb. Lauren Mary Grossman
                  cc. Jenna Elizabeth Grossman
              iii. Todd Robert Burgener married Michelle Rawski. They had two children:
                  aa. Riley William Burgener
                  bb. Nell Frances Burgener
              iv. Paul Burgener married Kathleen Ann Bleck. They had four children:
                  aa. Hannah elizabeth Burgener
                  bb. Nora Ann Burgener
                  cc. Kathleen Darby Burgener
                  dd. Molly McKee Burgener
         b. Robert David Loughman married to Sandra Lee Bobzine. They had one child:
              i. Timothy John Loughman
  10. Infant (b. 24 May 1895, d. 24 May 1895)
  11. Jennings Bryan Loughman (b. 28 September 1896, d. 28 August 1897)

K. John Charles Templer was born 9 May 1859 in Quincy, Adams County, IL and died 15 October 1860, possibly in Audrain County, MO

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