Biography of Leonard Ernest & Etta Goodwin Templer

Etta & Leonard Ernest

This is a composite of two seperate pictures, taken when Etta was in her mid 20's and Leonard was in his teens.

Picture is circa 1927


Joe Leonard,Bonner Lee, Ernest Lucas, Curtis Alexander, & Cora Belle. Rosetta was not yet born.

Picture is circa 1942


Leonard Ernest, Joe Leonard, Cora Belle, Rosetta, Curtis Alexander, Bonner Lee, Ernest Lucas

Leonard Ernest Templer (1891-1963) married Etta Goodwin (1896-1930) on 24 January 1914 in Carrizo Springs, Dimmit County, Texas and had six children. Leonard was a carpenter who excelled in cabinets and finishing work. When Etta died of tuberculosis in 1930,at the age of 34, it ended the family as a unit within about three years.

-Joe Leonard Templer (1915) was 15 at the time of his mother's death and had
already left the household two years earlier to live in town and attend school. He
milked cows every morning for Mrs. Tate for a room to live in and worked at
Joe Schmidt's Sunshine Cafe for meals.
-Curtis Alexander Templer (1917-1977) was 13 at the time of her death and was
taken in by Mr. Schmidt (Joe Schmidt's father) who owned a dairy and farm.

About three years later the other children started moving out.

-Cora Belle Templer (1920), by then about 13, was taken in by her mother's
sister, Gertrude Goodwin Stamper;
-Bonner Lee Templer (1921-1959), about 12 by then, was taken in by his father's
brother, Otis Worth Templer;
-Ernest Lucas Templer (1924-1954), at age 9 or 10, was taken in by Dr. Crockett,
a pharmacist for a couple of years and then lived with his father and brother
Joe off and on;,
-Rosetta Templer (1928), at age 5 or 6 , was taken in by her grandmother Ella
Lou Templer, then by her mother's brother and his wife, Owen & Belle Goodwin
and finally by her mother's sister, Gertrude Goodwin Stamper.

Leonard Ernest lived 33 years past Etta and died in 1963 at the age of 72 in Carrizo Springs, Dimmit County, Texas.

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