made July 8, 1857 when she was 10 years old

Lydia's Sampler

Thanks to cousin Robert C. Fulton, we are now in possession of the above photo of a
"sampler" done by Lydia Ruth Potts on 8 July 1857 that lists family members by initials. We understand all the initials except the first set JMP which may be a sibling we did not know about. On the bottom row are James William Ludwick and Thomas Edward Ludwick who were the twin sons of J. Robert Ludwick (J.R.L.) and Amanda Balsora (Potts) Ludwick (A.B.L.) and were born and died in 1857. Amanda was Lydia Ruth's sister.

JMP = ?
MAP = Martha Ann Potts (Taylor) = sister
ABP = Amanda Balsora Potts (Ludwick) = sister
NCP = Nancy Catherine Potts (Gore) = sister
SP  = Samual Potts = Father
CP   = Catherine (Templer) Potts = mother
SEP = Sarah Emily Potts = sister
JTP = John Thomas Potts = brother
TEP = Townsend Enos Potts = brother
LRP = Lydia Ruth Potts = sister


1. James Templer (1751 - 1847)
2. John J. Templer (1784-1830)
3. Catherine Templer (1811-1888)
4. Lydia Ruth Potts (1847-1931)

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